RPA Market Research Survey 2021

Robotic process automation (RPA) refers to software that can be easily programmed to do basic, repetitive tasks across applications. RPA creates and deploys a software robot with the ability to launch and operate other software. These ‘robots’ are programmed to handle repetitive, rule-based digital tasks such as filling in the same information in multiple places, re-entering, copying or pasting data. RPA is a growing industry and is expected to reach $3.11 billion by 2025.

RPA has been increasingly implemented in Finance to drive greater efficiency, compliance and productivity. Standard finance processes such as obtaining & inputing customer information, Procure-to-Pay, Accounts Receivables & Payable, Processing invoices and expenses are increasingly being automated by RPA & other softwares in the market. Such intelligent automation frees up knowledge workers from doing manual finance processes as well as other related routine tasks to focus on higher-value projects.

What is the current RPA adoption rate for finance professionals in Singapore? How fast are Singapore companies turning to RPA to automate their finance processes? Digital CFO Asia is conducting a quick market research survey to find out more about the current role of intelligent automation for finance among Singapore companies. CFOs & Finance Leaders, do take part in our survey today and stand to win Starbucks vouchers worth up to $50, proudly sponsored by Digital CFO Asia. Thank You!