Organisations build innovation and resilience with technology

In a list compiled by The Straits Times and market research firm Statista, technology enabled firms proved to be some of the fastest growing organisations leveraging technology to outpace competitors, even in the most traditional of industries.

By: Vanessa Quake | 20 Jan 2021

PHOTO: Ninja Van

It came as no surprise that organisations that were further along in their digital transformation journey were better able to weather the COVID-19 storm. It also came as no surprise that the pandemic is accelerating digital transformation plans for firms around the region with market intelligence firm, IDC, predicting that 65% of APAC GDP will be digitalized by 2022, driving US$1.2 trillion of direct digital transformation investments between 2020 to 2023.

In a list compiled by The Straits Times and market research firm, Statista, the top 10 fastest growing firms by compound annual growth rate include some that are expected such as e-commerce solutions provider SCI Ecommerce, logistics firms Roadbull and Ninjavan, and digital payment solutions provider Coda Payments. Some of the more unexpected entries were Carro, an online marketplace for used car sales, and precious metals recycler, BR Metals.

Here is the list of Top 10 as published at The Straits Times. Visit their website for full details.

1. CARRO – Compound annual growth rate: 422.4 per cent.

2. SCI ECOMMERCE – Compound annual growth rate: 323.2 per cent.

3. ROADBULL LOGISTICS – Compound annual growth rate: 243.7 per cent.

4. NINJA VAN – Compound annual growth rate: 205 per cent.

5. BLUE WIRELESS – Compound annual growth rate: 191.1 per cent.

6. REDDOORZ – Compound annual growth rate: 186.9 per cent.

7. BR METALS – Compound annual growth rate: 178.9 per cent.

8. CODA PAYMENTS – Compound annual growth rate: 162 per cent.

9. THE FUTURE OF COOKING – Compound annual growth rate: 151.4 per cent.

10. WAVE LIFE SCIENCES – Compound annual growth rate: 144.6 per cent.