Extended Planning & Analysis – Market Research Survey

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The vision of xP&A, or Extended Planning & Analysis, is to increase the velocity of forecasting and incorporate Business & Operations drivers by horizontally and vertically linking data, systems, and people. To fulfill this vision, the method behind xP&A is to apply FP&A tools and related processes to additional departments within the organization. This enables the organization to unify, integrate, and align planning and forecasting activities throughout the entire value chain.

For the finance teams, the implementation of xP&A processes minimizes the time and effort required to assemble and share forecasts and plans. This empowers increased collaboration for all functions of the organization to better understand the financial implications of operational decisions.

What is the current automation rate of xP&A? Does your FP&A and Business & Operations planning teams collaborate on forecasts and planning? AFP & Jedox are conducting a quick market research survey to find out more about the role of intelligent automation for extended planning & analysis among companies. CFOs & Finance Leaders, do take part in our survey today by clicking on the link below. Thank You!