[Whitepaper] Digital Payments: Is This Really Goodbye to Cash?

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By: Accuity | 6 May 2021

The fast, frictionless payment transactions experienced by consumers are influencing B2B customer expectations and driving payments digitisation, according to this new whitepaper by Accuity.

The whitepaper explores in detail:

  • The added value of data in the new payment ecosystem, including ISO 20022 and APIs.

  • The benefits of electronic payments in B2B to reduce friction and improve efficiencies. Improvements could lead to a $950 billion global opportunity across invoice processing, Accounts Payable payment processing, working capital management, factoring and cross-border payment optimisation.

  • The impact of digital payments transformation on key B2B sectors:

    – Corporates, including small- and medium- sized enterprises
    – Financial institutions
    – Fintech companies

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About Accuity:
Accuity, a LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Company, powers compliant and assured client transactions to help build an interconnected and trusted financial ecosystem. Our financial crime screening, payment services, and benefits compliance solutions help enable financial inclusion while identifying criminal activity and fraudulent players. With deep expertise and industry-leading data and analytics solutions from the Firco and Bankers Almanac brands, Accuity provides unmatched confidence, efficiency and compliance for customers around the world.

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