[Survey Report] xP&A Business Partnering: Expanding the principles of FP&A beyond finance perspectives

By: DigitalCFO & Jedox | 2 June 2021

A term that starts with the letter ‘X’ is usually expensive, outdated or fictional. But when it comes to xP&A, it’s none of these. It stands for extended planning and analysis and it’s not a new term in finance. In fact, we have been calling it by various other names – integrated FP&A or collaborative planning.

There is indeed growing recognition that expanding the use of FP&A beyond the finance domain can help drive better decision making. It spills over to other functions such as sales, HR, procurement, marketing and so on.

The latest technological advancements have made it possible for the finance function to expand the traditional process to the entire organisation to ensure long term success.

But how can finance professionals value add to the journey to company-wide planning?

DigitalCFO & Jedox jointly organised a virtual CFO Leadership Roundtable discussion with more than 20 senior finance leaders to glean insights on the topic.

Download the survey report to get further xP&A insights from the industry’s leading finance leaders.

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