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Corporate Team-Building Activities amidst the Pandemic

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Lisa Ng | 12 August 2021

The Covid-19 Pandemic has drastically altered the workplace of companies across the globe. As working from home becomes the new normal, some employees can inevitably become disconnected from their colleagues and their company. Therefore, boosting employees’ morale and reinforcing their engagement during these tough times becomes more important than before. Here, we have compiled a list of different activities from various vendors that can help to organise engaging team-building activities: 

TravelClef Music

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TravelClef is a music school based in Singapore which specialises in teaching music to beginners in just 2 hours. With workshops designed for corporate team building, employees can strengthen relationships with one another through learning music. For instance, their most popular workshop, Ukulele Passport allows up to 400 participants to learn how to play the ukulele even with no musical background. 

Due to Covid-19, TravelClef has adapted its workshops to be either entirely virtual, physical (with safe distancing), or a hybrid of both. Therefore, you can definitely find a workshop that satisfies your company’s team-building goals while meeting possible space constraints due to Covid-19. 

For more information, visit their website here.

Food Playground

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Ever thought of learning how to cook from experienced instructors while bonding in the same virtual space as your colleagues? Food Playground makes this possible! With rates starting from $50 per pax, your team can choose to make Singaporean, Chinese, Thai, or Italian cuisines in the comfort of their homes. To ensure a seamless process, they even offer an option for delivering ingredients to each member’s home.

Through its virtual cooking class, Food Playground aims to build a positive learning attitude among the team members as they work together to create their own dishes individually.

Find out more here.

Online games

Multiplayer interactive online games make great team-building activities as they depend on communication and collaboration. It fosters team spirit while allowing the team to engage with each other on a more personal level. 

Some exciting online games include:

  • Haxball – An online soccer game that allows up to 20 players to compete in 2 separate teams. Teamwork plays a vital role in winning, just like football in real life! 

  • Virtual Escape Room by Party Mojo – By gathering clues to solve mysteries, bond with your team virtually over zoom. At $20 per pax and a recommended size of 20 team members, Party Mojo promises an engaging team-building session for your company. 

Physical Activities (Based in Singapore)

As Singapore becomes more resilient against Covid-19 with 62% of the population fully vaccinated, physical team-building activities may be possible soon. 

If your team is constantly on the lookout for an adventure, FOCUS Adventure training Centre has the best team-building programs for you. With outdoor adventure training facilities, their programs are proven to improve both team and individual skills. 

Gone are the days where companies can easily organize lunch buffets or post-work karaoke parties as corporate team-building sessions. However, this doesn’t mean that team-building activities should stop. The value obtained from team-building allows a company to stay resilient in such times of uncertainty. After all, the results of any company positively correlate with the connections and relationships between employees. 

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