Lyre’s spearheads mindful drinking in Hong Kong, by expanding access to Non-Alcoholic Spirits

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The brand appoints Northeast Wines & Spirits Ltd. as their new distributor of award-winning Non-Alcoholic Spirits in the city

Qinthara Fasya | 12 August 2021

Following a successful introduction to Hong Kong in 2020, Lyre’s takes another step in expanding its local presence and providing more access to highly-demanded non-alcoholic spirits, with the appointment of Northeast Wines & Spirits Ltd. Missioned to make mindful drinking accessible and easy for everyone, Lyre’s strategic partnership with Northeast unlocks a health-conscious lifestyle for Hongkongers where the trend towards non-alcoholic variants is growing.

Lyre’s is now partnering with Northeast, a specialist in niche wines and spirits established in Hong Kong since 1993, who recently joined forces in a merger with one of Hong Kong’s best independent spirits distributors, High Spirits HK. Committed to bringing the best selections of beverages to the market, Northeast currently represents a repertoire of 75 brands across wine, champagne and sparkling, beer and spirit categories from 12 countries.

Lyre’s continues to provide more health-conscious options to the local market, as demand for non-alcoholic alternatives increases. Out of those who reduced their alcohol consumption in the past year, 72% of Hongkongers did so due to the desire for a more health-conscious lifestyle. Industry research conducted by Lyre’s also found that 69% of Hong Kong is open to choosing non-alcoholic variants when available, further highlighting the changing local preferences. Having made its debut only two years ago, Lyre’s has become the most widely distributed non-alcoholic spirits brand and is now available in 43 countries. The UK brand showcases a range of 13 award-winning, alcohol-free classic spirits, created using a unique understanding of food science and flavor architecture.

Mark Livings, CEO of Lyre’s, said “We are delighted to be working with Hong Kong’s successful wine and spirits distributor, Northeast.  Through this partnership, we will continue building on our early success with some of the key industry players in Hong Kong, including bars and retailers, hence elevating availability and awareness across the city. This is particularly exciting as the no and low beverage category is approaching broad acceptance throughout Asia, where the market is estimated to grow more than 7% by 2025.”

“Seeing the recent rapid rise in low or no alcohol category, with projected growth by 31% over the next three years globally, we are excited to tap into this market spearheaded by Lyre’s. With Lyre’s as the first non-alcoholic spirits brand in our portfolio, we are looking forward to making mindful drinking available to everyone in Hong Kong.” shares Northeast’s Spirits Division Manager, Tom Wood.

About Lyre’s

Lyre’s exquisite range of lovingly crafted non-alcoholic spirits was borne from a quest to make the impossible possible – giving the freedom for consumers to drink their drink, their way. After a rigorous three years of development and refinement, the brand has launched a premium range of 13 alcohol-free spirits and now three ready-to-drink non-alcoholic cocktails, using a unique understanding of food science and flavor architecture. Lyre’s products were crafted to pay homage to the flavors of the world’s most time-tested spirits, following the belief that people want to make better choices around their alcohol consumption, while still enjoying their much-loved drink of choice. From Absinthe to American Malt, London Dry Spirit to White Cane Spirit, Lyre’s sources the finest all-natural essences, extracts and distillates from the four corners of the globe to craft its portfolio. Since its foundation, Lyre’s has become the most awarded non-alcoholic premium spirits brand globally and recognized as the global category’s second best-selling brand by the Drinks International Annual Brands Report 2021. On a mission to change the way the world drinks, Lyre’s is a UK brand that made its debut in 2019 and has expanded to 43 countries and counting. 

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