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Take WFH to the next level with these Tech Products

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Lisa Ng | 12 August 2021

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, working from home remains the default to guard against potential coronavirus transmission. As you convert your home to your office, take your experience to the next level with these interesting tech products:

Temperature Control Mug

Many of us are dependent on a hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning to boost our productivity at work. However, our hot drink can start losing its heat in just a few minutes. With a temperature control mug from Ember, you can keep your drink perfectly hot for as long as you like! Ember also makes it more interesting by allowing you to control the temperature of these mugs on your phone. This ensures that you can come back to a hot drink after going out for lunch.


Google Nest Mini – Smart Speaker with Google Assistant

With tons of virtual meetings while working from home, you might probably be looking for a better audio experience. With the google nest mini, you get a speakerphone coupled with a Google assistant to help you around the house. From setting alarms to ordering food for lunch, Google Assistant will be able to help. This can definitely maximize productivity in your home office!

Source: James Martin/ CNET

Smart Water Bottle

Without a conventional working space, you might get carried away working in your home office and forget to stay hydrated. The ICEWATER 3-in-1 smart bottle will glow every hour to remind you to take a sip of water. With this smart water bottle, you can be reminded to stay hydrated. 

Source: here.

Mobile Phone Jail

One of the biggest challenges of working from home is the myriad of distractions around the house. For instance, you might be tempted to check your social media platforms on your mobile phone to see what your friends are up to. If you relate to this, we recommend you get yourself a mobile phone ‘jail’, a portable timer lockbox for your phone. With this, you can prevent yourself from using your mobile phone excessively, boosting your work productivity.

Source: here.

Multi-Device Charging Station

Keeping your home office setup neat and tidy can be challenging especially if you rely on multiple devices to work. More often than not, you will find yourself looking at a huge cable clutter at your desk while charging these devices. With Satechi’s multi-device charging station, it helps you keep your devices and cables organised while charging up to 7 devices. This ensures that your desk is always neat and tidy, all ready for you to maximise your efficiency!


As you spend more time in your home office, upgrade your experience by having these interesting tech products. From taking care of your health to ensuring you have a conducive workplace, we got you covered! Every product here plays a role in boosting your productivity and maximizing your efficiency, something that we all wish to achieve working from home. 

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