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[Paper] SWIFT’s Application Programming Interface (API) Revolution

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By: Swift | 17 September 2021

APIs (application programming interfaces) are the firepower behind many of today’s most popular online products and services, connecting and exchanging data between applications and web servers. An API is a set of software code and definitions that describe how two or more applications can interact and communicate with one another. Developers use APIs as a shortcut to quickly and efficiently integrate their applications with other software. Once implemented, applications exchange data with each other by making ‘API calls’, pushing and pulling information between themselves in real-time. Organisations offer APIs to developers – who could be employees, customers or third parties – as a way of increasing the speed and efficiency of developing new applications that work their software.

SWIFT has been a leader in unlocking the potential of APIs for years having launched their first API in 2017. Since then, adoption and usage of the SWIFT API channel has grown significantly with more than two billion API calls made over SWIFT in 2020 – a 120% increase year-on-year. 

The ‘Be part of SWIFT’s open API revolution’ paper explores in detail:

  • APIs and the platform economy
  • Tapping into the power of APIs in financial services
  • Overcoming a key industry challenge: A Fragmented API Environment
  • Harnessing the power of APIs for the SWIFT community
  • APIs: At the heart of SWIFT’s strategy
  • Starting your API journey with SWIFT
  • The APIs available on SWIFT

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