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EY announces EY Qualtrics Experience Management competency to transform people, customer and brand experiences

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DigitalCFO Newsroom | 5 October 2021

  • Competency helps clients develop and transform experience management across brand, employees and customers
  • Brings increased investment in EY Experience Management capabilities, resources and people

EY announces the EY Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM) Experience Management competency to help companies drive end-to-end solutions from strategy, to design and enablement, to implementation using EY Qualtrics’ experience management technology.

As organizations embark on their own experience transformation journeys, EY and Qualtrics teams are positioned to help leaders navigate challenges and understand how employees and customers feel about their brand, what they expect from their interactions and how to provide experiences that build trust.

From a talent management perspective, the use of  EY Qualtrics’ experience management technology can help sharpen organizations’ listening ability, and bridge the gap between the experiences that employers think they are delivering to their employees, and what their people are actually receiving. Based on a global survey in July 2020 conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of the EY organization, Qualtrics and SAP SuccessFactors, 78% of HR leaders surveyed agreed that employee experience is an important factor that impacts the organization’s ability to deliver on business objectives. 

Goh Jia Yong, Consulting Partner, Ernst & Young Advisory Pte. Ltd., says:

“Countries around the globe face the ‘Great Resignation’ phenomenon that has intensified the war for talent. One of the emerging issues is the mismatch in views between employers and employees on the post-pandemic workplace, particularly in terms of workplace flexibility. Leveraging technology, new data gathering processes and structures for better employee listening can help organizations better understand what is important to their staff, and align this understanding with the broader needs of the business. Organizations will also need to partner with others or acquire the expertise to innovate and translate these learnings into actions that enhance employee retention and optimize employee experiences.”

Alliance extends EY portfolio of experience management capabilities

The EY Experience Management competency will continue to grow its existing base of EY professionals to support enterprise-level transformation projects with Qualtrics, including customer experience, digital transformation, brand experience and people experience. The competency approaches its transformation work with a cross-functional team, comprised of EY People Advisory Services teams, customer strategy resources and technical analysts from the EY Neurodiversity Center of Excellence (CoE).

The EY Experience Management competency will serve clients across all industries. It also provides a joint innovation hub where EY teams will continue developing and launching experience management solutions built on the Qualtrics platform for clients across the globe.

With the expansion of this team, organizations can leverage EY Consulting and delivery services to implement Qualtrics’ Experience Management technology across multiple business functions, such as marketing, sales, IT, suppliers, HR, and support market research and brand projects. This helps enable organizations to bring together their experience data – how customers and employees feel about their interactions with a company – onto a single platform, supporting them to act with speed and agility as customer and employee expectations change.

Vijay Nidumolu, EY Americas Qualtrics Experience Management Leader, says:

“Working with Qualtrics, EY teams have helped businesses optimize people, customer and brand experiences by providing best-in-class experience management solutions and practices. As companies increasingly prioritize experience management strategies for customers and employees, the addition of the EY Experience Management competency will build on these capabilities to advance their transformations.”

R.J. Filipski, Global Head of Ecosystem, Qualtrics, says:

“Experience management is becoming as fundamental to business success as CRM or HR systems. Organizations are investing in experience management at record scale to take real-time action and deliver incredible experiences for their customers and employees that impact the bottom line. Our expanded collaboration with EY will accelerate the work we’ve already accomplished together to help organizations build experience-based strategies in the future.”

Experience Management competency builds upon proven client successes

Since 2019, the EY organization and Qualtrics have collaborated to implement solutions across customer experience, employee experience (EY PX360 People Experience Transformation Platform), and COVID-19 support for governments, impacting millions of people. Results over the past year include:

In South Dakota, EY and Qualtrics teams implemented a cost-effective contact tracing solution in less than two weeks – reducing the state’s contact tracing team’s manual efforts by more than 75%.

EY and Qualtrics teams helped one of the leading luxury fashion companies implement a real-time employee pulse survey to support the safety and wellbeing of their employees as their physical stores closed and the workforce moved to remote work. The real-time pulse helped the company enable its employees with proper tools and support, to stay productive and engaged.

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