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DigitalCFO VTL Series: Kuala Lumpur

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Qinthara Fasya | 12 November 2021

After 2 years of not visiting KL for most of us, what should we look out for?

It’s like traveling for first time again.

This month, when new Vaccination Travel Lanes (VTL) were made available to more nations, the VTL to our neighboring country (Malaysia) received a lot of attention. Many Singaporeans used to travel abroad to Malaysia often, once every three months, once a month, or even more frequently for some. Many people have been craving for this VTL more than any other countries, with Covid-19 getting in the way of that flexibility.

Although most of us in Singapore are still waiting for the loosened border restrictions to be extended to land crossings in the near future, the availability of this, currently seen as a luxury, may be a destination for many over the holidays. Some of us may have forgotten what’s there in KL, delve in with us as we explore some key destinations, both new and old.

The newly renovated Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park

Genting Malaysia Bhd (GENM) has stated that its brand-new outdoor entertainment park will open in 2021, following repeated delays. Genting SkyWorlds – the company’s new name – was also unveiled earlier this year. Despite the fact that it will no longer be known as “20th Century Fox,” Genting SkyWorlds will continue to showcase attractions based on 20th Century Fox films as well as other world-class movie-themed attractions.

When the Movement Control Order was enacted countrywide last year, building at Genting SkyWorlds was temporarily halted, but it has since restarted and is moving well. The outdoor theme park will be officially opened on 10th December 2021.

Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park encompasses 26 acres and features 26 rides and attractions appropriate for all members of the family. The 9 themed worlds includes the Studio Plaza, Eagle Mountain, Central Park, Rio, Andromeda Base, Liberty Lane, Epic, Robots Rivet Town and Ice Age. Get first dibs on these rides by booking your tickets here, perfect for visiting with friends, families, or even colleagues.

Besides the outdoor theme park, other main attractions in Genting Highlands still remain, including the Casino, wide varieties of shopping and dining options, shows and events, SnowWorld, Sky VR and many more. However, all this can only be made possible with safe distancing measures to ensure that everyone can have a good time while staying safe during the ongoing pandemic.

Cameron Highlands

It’s needless to say that Cameron Highlands in Pahang, Malaysia offers breathtaking views – taking us away from the typical city ambience to let nature sink in us. After close to two years of not being able to travel and being stuck working from home, this destination would be perfect to clear your mind and indulge in the serenity of greenery.

After nearly two years of practically no visitors, the Cameron Highlands is once again bustling with people who took advantage of the extended Deepavali holiday. Apart from the famed Kea Farm, tea farm, strawberry farm, and new flower garden, the chilly weather will always be the major draw for visitors. Visitors are able to enjoy their travels despite following standard operating procedures (SOP) such as monitoring body temperatures and donning face masks.

According to an article by New Straits Times, the price of some of the goods seemed a bit pricey compared to before. The temperature at Cameron Highlands as of now is at its peak cold until February, and it can be a perfect getaway for those who are looking for a temporary escape from humid Singapore.

Taman Saujana Hijau Putrajaya

Everyone may benefit from some fresh air, especially after being cooped up at home for a long time. And if you’re searching for a place to stretch your legs, enjoy a picnic, or simply change scenery, Taman Saujana Hijau in Putrajaya is the place to go. This park, which is one of Putrajaya’s ten lovely public parks (including the famed Taman Putra Perdana, Taman Botani, Taman Wetland, and others), will take you to another country.

Taman Saujana Hijau is located in Presint 11 and consists of a steep region that has been attractively planted. The park is free to enter, and you’re sure to be blown away by what you see at this 47-hectare public garden.

With pine trees, rolling hills, wooden fences, and exotic flora, this area is popular for running and leisurely trips such as picnics and wedding photoshoots. There’s a 2.8-kilometer jogging track that runs the length of the park, with plenty of smaller trails and parts to explore.

Anjung Floria Putrajaya

Putrajaya’s Anjung Floria is a well-known public park. It is located in Precinct 4 and hosts the Royal Floria Putrajaya yearly garden event. The floral festival has a different theme each year.

Anjung Park has a large number of flower varieties that are fun to explore. It’s also a fantastic spot for photography. The China-Malaysia Friendship Garden is the greatest site to take a shot that makes you appear like you’re in another country. It is a unique building based on Chinese architecture that is located inside the garden’s grounds as a celebration of bilateral connections between Malaysia and China. The park is a beautiful spot to go for morning walks, exercising, running, or cycling on a typical day.

On a typical day, there would be very few people there. Come with friends or family members if you feel nervous or unsafe. There isn’t much signage directing you to Anjung Floria in the region. It is recommended that you utilize Google Maps.

Kwai Chai Hong – The KL Chinatown

This “Instagrammable” spot is sure to peak your curiosity and interest. Kwai Chai Hong is now Kuala Lumpur’s finest secret — but not for long, as the painstakingly renovated pre-war buildings in the history-rich street are ready to become the newest tourist attraction.

Lorong Panggung is also known in Cantonese as Kwai Chai Hong, which literally translates to “Ghost Lane” or “Little Demon Alley.” Project Kwai Chai Hong consists of ten rebuilt shophouses, six of which front Jalan Petaling and four of which face Lorong Panggung, as well as a charming alley that runs between the two roads. While the project took great measures to preserve bits and pieces of antiquity, it also included current technology, allowing guests to scan QR codes on the walls with their cellphones for an interactive and immersive experience.

After cramping your hands taking various photos, indulge in many of the food options around including Bubble Bee Cafe, Concubine KL, Asia Street Food Club and many more.

Even though specifics such as the designated Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flights have yet to be released, bookings for flights between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur have increased in the last day. Six VTL flights will operate daily between Changi Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport. More information about the scheme will be released soon. Be sure to check the terms and conditions before booking the flights, as VTL is still in its “beta” phases. You’ll be spoilt for choice with activities with our suggestions!

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