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Huawei’s Petal Maps 2.0 adds “Lane Guidance” and “Offline Map” features to help users save time and explore the world safely

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DigitalCFO Newsroom | 29 November 2021

Petal Maps announced its latest version update with refreshed UI and new features include ‘Lane Guidance’ and ‘Offline Maps’ to enhance driving experience

Huawei’s Petal Maps app today announced the launch of its version 2.0 update, adding a set of powerful new features which help to enhance the navigation experience. These useful enhancements include “Lane Guidance”, a feature which helps users to identify and navigate complex road and traffic scenarios as well as the “Offline Map” function, which enables Petal Maps to be used with limited internet access. In addition, the app also received a redesigned user interface and incorporated a gamification system that rewards users for using the app.

Petal Maps, the map and navigation app developed by Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), announced its latest version update with refreshed UI and new features include ‘Lane Guidance’ and ‘Offline Maps’ to enhance driving experience.

The rollout of Petal Maps 2.0 also marks the celebration of the map and navigation app’s 1st anniversary. Developed by Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), launched in October 2020 in APAC, Petal Maps was conceived to provide innovative travel and navigation experiences, following the brand’s mantra to empower users with “a new way to explore the world”.

Since its release, the app has grown to serve more than 20 million users in over 160 countries, providing functions such as location searches, turn-by-turn navigation, and real-time traffic updates. Over the span of a year, the app has gained new additions like a Head-Up Display (HUD) that projects navigation information onto the car’s windshield, and other features like route planning for walks, bike rides and public transport.

Lane Guidance

Petal Maps’ latest 2.0 update continues this path of growth with innovative technologies such as the new “Lane Guidance”. This feature uses location-based intelligence to identify complex road scenarios such as upcoming turns, urban interchanges and roundabout exits to navigate challenging traffic situations.

Now users will be able to see arrows on their screen to help them to choose the right lanes in road environments such as turns, forks and ramps. The guide activates before the vehicle approaches turns or exits, displaying an enlarged lane-level visual to help the driver to find and stay on the correct lane. With this feature, Petal Maps offers users more peace of mind behind the wheel by helping them to make better and safer decisions.

Offline Maps

Petal Maps 2.0 is also equipped with “Offline Maps”, a new feature that allows users to continue map navigation functions even with a weak or non-existent internet signal. Users can download the offline map of cities that they wish to visit in advance and enjoy access to map data and routes regardless of internet connection. With this feature, users do not need to worry about losing their network connection when navigating. This feature could also be useful for users with limited data packages and who want to save on network fees such as international roaming charges. The Offline Maps is now available in Malaysia, Philippines Singapore and Thailand, and will be introduced to more APAC markets in stages. 

Interactive Features

In addition, Petal Maps has been updated with a new user interface (UI) to provide an improved navigation experience that is enjoyable and interactive. The new UI design uses lighter and brighter colours, and applied in-depth rendering on map elements such as buildings and trees. The strengthened contrast makes each map symbol more distinguishable and adds aesthetic dimension to the app’s visuals.

The Petal Maps 2.0 also features an all-new tiered membership scheme, which provides rewards-based medals, points, and achievements when users engage with the app. For example, users can earn points by accumulating time spent using the app on the road and earn contribution points by reporting road conditions such as traffic jams. These points can be used to earn medals and achievements.

Users can download the Petal Maps app from the HUAWEI AppGallery. To learn more about Petal Maps and the new update, please visit:

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