Infobird Secures Contract for Digital Banking Solution with Changchun Rural Commercial Bank

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DigitalCFO Newsroom | 12 January 2022

Infobird Co., Ltd, announced that it has signed a contract with Changchun Rural Commercial Bank for implementation of the Company’s digital banking offering.

Infobird Co., Ltd, a software-as-a-service provider of innovative AI-powered, or artificial intelligence-enabled, customer engagement solutions in China, announced that it has signed a contract with Changchun Rural Commercial Bank for implementation of the Company’s digital banking offering designed as an accessible solution to help banks modernize their business and operations. By utilizing Infobird’s digital and intelligent banking solutions, Changchun Rural Commercial Bank will promote the omnichannel integration and intelligent customer engagement model, in order to achieve a comprehensive transformation and upgrade of its banking services and marketing.

Moreover, Infobird will help Changchun Rural Commercial Bank to build a modern digital and intelligent customer service center through both standardization and customization services. The cooperation with Changchun Rural Commercial Bank marks an important milestone for Infobird’s customer engagement solution to penetrate into rural commercial banks in China, and Infobird believes this cooperation can also set practices for other rural commercial banks seeking to leverage the digitalization opportunity to leapfrog into the future with a modern technology platform as a key strategic asset.

Changchun Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. is a regional bank based in Changchun, China for serving small and medium-sized enterprises and focuses on specialization and quality. As of the end of June 2021, Changchun Rural Commercial Bank has 72 branches and an asset of 70.116 billion RMB. The bank adheres to the business philosophy of “Pioneering and Innovation, Integrity and Win-Win” and the market positioning of “Standing on Urban and Rural Regions, Supporting Agriculture and Rural Areas, Serving Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”.

Changchun Rural Commercial Bank is committed to providing customers with comprehensive, high-quality and efficient financial services, and has successively developed “Easy, Quick, Open and Precious” series of credit and loan products. It has set up micro-loan workshops, consumption loan centers, individual loan business centers, and Internet financial business centers, which has allowed them to focus on building a large retail business.

As the leader of local financial services, Changchun Rural Commercial Bank has played an important role in local economic development. Since its establishment, Changchun Rural Commercial Bank has placed great importance on the customer service experience, promoted diversified development with a “customer-centered” approach, continuously improved efficiency scale and asset quality, and won a number of awards and honors inside and outside the industry. Under the tide of financial technology, Changchun Rural Commercial Bank has stayed up to date and is actively pursuing the path of digitalization and intelligent innovation and development. This cooperation with Infobird will bring strong impetus to the digitalization reform of Changchun Rural Commercial Bank.

Through Infobird solutions for digital and intelligent banks, the customer engagement model of Changchun Rural Commercial bank will embrace an important leap in digital banking, which includes solving the problems of low efficiency of labor, lack of comprehensive data, and the difficulties to better manage employees. With the implementation of customer service and marketing channel integration, intelligent business processes and operations management refinement, Infobird believes that Changchun Rural Commercial Bank’s customer experience will be greatly upgraded in the future.

Integration of Multiple Service Channels

The call center system built for Changchun Rural Commercial Bank by the Infobird allowed the integration of telephone, SMS, web, APP, WeChat, small programs into one platform, which has closed the interaction gap between different platforms. Now the omnichannel data can be shared in order to maintain service continuity and consistency, while reducing the workload for the bank employees and making customer service more agile and efficient.

Intelligent Business Process

Through the application of intelligent technology, Infobird will help the customer service center of Changchun Rural Commercial Bank to free up manpower and comprehensively improve service efficiency and results. The customer service center of Changchun Rural Commercial Bank will replace manual operation with intelligent work orders to improve business processing speed and customer experience, while intelligent chatbots can assist staff with artificial consulting reception, customer sorting, collecting loans and other works, which can free staff from repetitive activities in order to focus on high-value work.

Operation Management Refinement

In terms of operation and management, the system can generate multi-dimensional operation reports according to the needs of the customer service center, and can also automatically record all communication content, so that managers can call and view it at any time. Through intelligent monitoring of traffic data and service data, managers can quickly learn about the operation status of the customer service center and achieve efficient management and regulation.

Changchun Rural Commercial Bank will not only use Infobird’s standardization of services to quickly bring the customer engagement systems online, but it will also use some customization functions based on its business demand in order to drive digital intelligent growth. As a leading AI SaaS software service provider in China, Infobird’s digital and intelligent banking solutions integrate 20 years of service experience in the financial industry, covering multiple scenarios of bank telemarketing, customer acquisition, customer service, private domain operation, loan collection, quality inspection and other services, which enables banks to transform and upgrade their digital intelligence in multiple dimensions. Besides the above cooperation, Changchun Rural Commercial Bank also plans to introduce intelligent quality inspection, intelligent training and other related Infobird products in the future, which could further accelerate the use of digital intelligence technology in the customer service center at deeper levels.

About Infobird

Infobird, headquartered in Beijing, China, is a software-as-a-service provider of innovative AI-powered or enabled customer engagement solutions. The company’s mission is to empower companies to have smart and personalized customer engagement solutions. By leveraging self-developed cloud-native architecture, AI and machine learning capabilities, patented Voice over Internet Protocol technologies, no-code development platform, and in-depth industry expertise, Infobird provide holistic business value-driven customer engagement SaaS solutions to help companies to increase revenue, reduce cost, and enhance customer service quality and customer satisfaction.

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