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Indonesian Crypto Asset Exchange Tokocrypto joins forces with Indonesia’s Largest Government Owned Bank Backed VC firm BRI Ventures

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DigitalCFO Newsroom | 25 January 2022

Tokocrypto Sembrani Blockchain Accelerator initiative is set to bring Indonesian blockchain projects into the global spotlight

Tokocrypto, Indonesia’s no. 1, most trusted crypto asset digital exchange, has partnered with the country’s leading government-owned bank’s corporate venture capital firm, BRI Ventures for an initiative known as Tokocrypto Sembrani Blockchain Accelerator (TSBA). Through its cutting edge accelerator program,  the collaboration is set to help emerging blockchain projects and startups scale up with the support of technology, community networks, and also allow them gain access to funding opportunities.

Tokocrypto’s TokoLaunchpad program has successfully incubated dozens of blockchain projects and startups such as Avarik Saga, Nanovest and Play it Forward DAO. By partnering with BRI Ventures for its accelerator program, TokoLaunchpad aims to contribute to transforming Indonesia into the region’s digital economy powerhouse. BRI Ventures has played a critical role in accelerating Indonesia’s economic and entrepreneurial  growth and have contributed to the success of some of Indonesia’s current leading unicorns, such as Bukalapak and Xendit. 

“Southeast Asian enterprises today are leveraging the power of blockchain technology and are looking for ways to disrupt industries. We are launching this partnership with the goal to put Indonesia in the centre of the blockchain map and give the  Indonesian blockchain communities the opportunity to grow with the catalyst of collaboration” says Pang Xue Kai, Chief Executive Officer, Tokocrypto.

Participants and startups will be provided with the necessary tools on fundraising, team culture, blockchain development, listing advisory and tokenomics to develop the skills required to make a mark within the blockchain industry. 

Tokocrypto Sembrani Blockchain Accelerator will incubate projects and elevate them across 4 primary pillars- branding and marketing, investment strategies, investment landscape tactics and access to fundraising opportunities. The central nexus of TSBA which connects the 4 pillars of the accelerator program is the networking and mentoring support of mentors from the local blockchain scene such as Nicko Widjaja (Chief Executive Officer of BRI Ventures), Pang Xue Kai, Teguh Kurniawan Harmanda (Chief Operating Officer of Tokocrypto), Lai Chung Ying (Chief Strategy Officer of Tokocrypto) and Nanda Ivens (Chief Marketing Officer of Tokocrypto) as well as mentors from the global blockchain scene. 

The program seeks to onboard 8-10 emerging Indonesian blockchain startups into the first cohort. Registration closes on February 10 2022, and the program will kick off on the 21st of February 2022.

The accelerator programme is part of the multi-dimensional TokoVerse by Tokocrypto, that has been created to bolster blockchain technology adoption in Indonesia and beyond. Together with TokoLaunchpad, Tokoverse has developed Asia’s first crypto hub, T-hub, Indonesia’s first and largest NFT marketplace, TokoMall, and an educational mobile app, Kriptoversity, to name a few. For more information about TSBA, please visit or alternatively, feel free to drop us an email at

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