Cool Corporate Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Fatihah Ramzi, DigitalCFO Asia | 9 February 2022

Choosing the right gifts is exceptionally important as it will make your employees feel more valued by the company.

Choosing the right gifts for team members, employees and colleagues will make your gesture even more impactful. Gifts that people can regularly use may make them feel valued and appreciated by your company. With gifts that will increase employees’ and colleagues’ productivity whilst also keeping their health and needs in mind, companies can look forward to having them stay long-term. With that being said, here are 5 corporate gift ideas that will be of great use to anyone in the office.

Travel Mug

Travel mugs are portable superheroes that can save the day in many scenarios, especially in an office setting. For an office that has a readily available pantry with a water dispenser, it is not only hygienic to have your own mug but, it is also extremely beneficial to have a mug that can hold both cold and hot beverages. Especially for cold weather, it is best to have a mug that can hold hot water.

Adding to that, it reduces the sharing of mugs which is especially necessary during this pandemic. With offices wanting to minimise contact between employees as well as preventing further spread of bacteria and viruses, giving employees their own travel mug would be a good move. Furthermore, it is extremely convenient to carry around and to wash it after use. With a travel mug in the office, employees can conveniently take their own drinks whilst maintaining social hygiene.

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Laptop Stand

An adjustable laptop stand is a low-cost piece of equipment that offers a number of benefits. One of the main advantages of a laptop stand is that it can enhance one’s posture and alignment when using a laptop. This gift will be extremely beneficial for colleagues as well as employees that are suffering from back pain due to sitting long hours at the office. When working at a 9-5 job, it is inevitable that employees will have to look down to see the screen.

The weight of their head hanging forward puts a lot of strain on their spine, causing strains, aches, and potentially long-term ailments over time. Employees will need to find a way to elevate their laptop to a more comfortable viewing height to avoid this while using it. One of the most effective ways to elevate the laptop is by using an adjustable laptop stand. By giving a laptop stand as a gift, you will be able to help your colleagues as well as your employees to remain comfortable and productive throughout their working hours.

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Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic keyboards, like laptop stands, help with posture, but they focus on the wrists rather than the spine. These keyboards aid in the proper positioning of your hands when typing, preventing wrist strain. Ergonomic keyboards are engineered to provide the wrist and forearm more room to rest in the centre of the keyboard while typing. This helps in preventing any tension or discomfort.

When using an ergonomic keyboard, the wrist and forearm will follow its natural position. The keyboards are narrower, reducing strain when trying to reach for and when using the mouse. This reduces the chance of carpal tunnel syndrome, which occurs when a nerve in the wrist is pinched. By properly positioning their wrists on the keyboard, it encourages proper shoulder alignment, which leads to correct body positioning. Since an ergonomic keyboard is more pleasant to use, employees or coworkers will feel more relaxed, which may result in greater typing speed, leading to increased productivity.

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Coffee Machine

It is common knowledge that caffeine boosts alertness and energy levels. This will be very beneficial in an office environment as it brings employees out of that hazy morning slumber and energises them, making them ready to take on the day. Not only will coffee help with increasing employee productivity but it will also give them a reason to take regular breaks which will allow them to re-charge and focus better on work.

As mentioned above, coffee makes people more alert which can work in favour of stimulating creativity. Coffee is wonderful for activating the mind and brainstorming out of the box, whether employees are working alone or in a group. Adding to that , coffee may delay the ‘burn out’ stage of creative ideation, enabling the creation and discussion of a higher number of alternative solutions.

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Office Blankets

When working in an office, the air conditioning can get really cold and without a jacket or a blanket, it could disturb one’s concentration as well as increase the need for the toilet. When working in an air-conditioned office, it is essential to have a jacket or a blanket to keep warm. However, jackets can get too bulky and may not look neat when kept in the office which is why it would be best to get an office blanket.

The good thing about an office blanket is that it can be kept neatly in a cabinet or even on the desk and with its wonderful designs it can easily be mistaken as office decor. When the office is too cold, employees can easily wrap a blanket around them, regulating their body temperature to when they are most productive. Every individual has their own temperature preferences and giving blankets as a gift will definitely improve morale as well as productivity.

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Without its employees, a company would be nothing. Employees are crucial to your company’s success, and they deserve more than just a paycheck. This year, instead of the boring and cheap corporate presents, treat your employees to these elevated, thoughtful, and truly beneficial alternatives. With the 5 gifts listed above, your employees will definitely feel valued and appreciated by the company.

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