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Fatihah Ramzi, DigitalCFO Asia | 16 February 2022

WFH can give room for more procrastination and lower motivation but with the necessary home essentials, employees can be more productive.

The Covid-19 pandemic has radically altered people’s working habits. As a result, office jobs will never be the same again. Thousands of employees were compelled to work offsite as a result of the epidemic, and many businesses have decided to make this a lasting element of their business models. However, in order to get the full benefits of working remotely, strategies must be discovered to keep individuals productive and engaged while not overburdening them.

Working from home is an excellent way to help prevent the virus from spreading further, but many people still prefer to work in an office. This is due to the fact that working from home allows for more procrastination and lower motivation. This is owing to the fact that everyone retires to their homes after a hard day at work, making it difficult to remain focused when working from home. As a result, it is critical to have these workplace basics on hand to help people be more productive and motivated while working remotely.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

When it comes to working remotely, there are a myriad of distractions ranging from pets, people and children. With the constant noise at home, it is important to find a way to cancel out these noises and for those who work remotely, they may have already discovered that a reliable pair of headphones or headset is essential. The best headphones for working from home can help to isolate individuals from all these disruptive forces in order to focus on the task at hand.

Working headphones should have excellent sound quality and be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They should also have good communication tools for making voice conversations, as well as video chats of any kind. It is important to have good noise reduction and to be able to hear your own voice through the headphones when talking so that you do not end up shouting. A long battery life is also beneficial. Finally, in the home-office setting, multipoint Bluetooth pairing, which allows you to simply switch between two devices, is a useful function.

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Portable Desk

When working remotely, many will find that they feel confined to a specific area of the house without the ability to change their work space or to do their work in a different part of the house but with a portable desk, you will be able to lay your laptop at any area. Staying at a particular area for long hours can affect one’s productivity and sometimes, we just feel this urge to move to a different area for a change of view in hopes that it would increase our focus and drive to complete our tasks.

The portable desk gives everyone the convenience of working on your bed, on the couch and even on the floor without having to strain your neck, arms and even your back. With a portable desk, you can take your work anywhere in your own home without having to sacrifice your comfort. With a portable desk, you can give yourself a setup that is matched to your body. You are able to adjust the height, change the tilt, lock your computer in place and more. With a portable desk at home, you will definitely be able to increase your productivity.

Ergonomic Office Chair

When working from home, comfort is essential, and many people may notice that their back begins to hurt after working for lengthy periods of time. This is due to the fact that the chair they are using may not support appropriate posture. Ergonomic chairs will help you get rid of back discomfort by supporting your natural posture and reducing stressful pressures on your body. The backs of most chairs are full length, reaching from your shoulders to the seat, which helps to support and preserve the lumbar spine.

The armrests on the chair can be adjusted to support your elbows and forearms as your arms hang naturally at your sides. This allows you to utilize your keyboard and mouse without incurring shoulder and arm muscle stress. Ergonomic chairs can help with back discomfort by encouraging a sitting posture that permits the shoulders, hips, and spine to be properly aligned. Although ergonomic chairs might be costly, they are well worth the investment because they can significantly increase productivity when working from home.


Laptop Phone Holder

When working from home, it can be very difficult to check your phone every couple of minutes and it could also disrupt your focus. With a laptop phone holder, you can easily see the notifications from your phone and determine whether it is important to reply immediately. From a work-related perspective, it allows you to be efficient and reply to messages from your superiors or colleagues. With your phone held next to your laptop screen, you can easily answer phone calls and prevent missing important business calls from clients and so on.

Adding to that, the laptop phone holder will aid in improving posture as you are no longer looking down on your phone or slouching when holding your phone. With the phone propped up at eye level, it will encourage people to sit up straight and will not add unnecessary stress to the neck. With a laptop phone holder, you can easily carry on with your tasks without having to regularly check your phone and this can increase your productivity as it decreases the chances of you answering important business calls or messages.


Neck Massager

Neck and shoulder pain is a common problem, affecting people of all ages. Poor postures at work is one of the main reasons that induce pain in such areas. Persistent pain can be alleviated with stretching, exercise, or massage. In this fast-paced life, it is not possible for all to work out every day or afford a massage therapist. A neck and shoulder massager can provide quick relief from the pain in the privacy of your home. Especially when working from home, you no longer have to wait until the end of the day to provide your neck and shoulder with this relief.

While working from home, you can relieve neck and shoulder pain with an easy-to-use and portable neck massager. A neck and shoulder massager provides excellent treatment to hard-to-reach places in the back and sides of the neck. Massaging your neck and shoulder muscles will help to relieve stress – which can cause a loss of attention and affect your productivity when working at home. With a neck massager, you can definitely alleviate your pain and stresses throughout the day.

It is time everyone knows that working from home does not have to be an uncomfortable experience. You can enjoy working from home as much as you enjoy working in an office. In fact, being able to create a comfortable home office is an excellent benefit of remote work. Whether you simply want a more ergonomic chair or you have health issues that require specialized office equipment, you can set up your home office and make it whatever you want. With these home essentials, anyone will be able to remain productive while working from home.

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