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Top 6 Gourmet Catering Picks For Your Next Webinar

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Qinthara Fasya, DigitalCFO Asia | *Updated on 28 March 2022

Planning virtual events can be tough. From securing the right equipment to ensuring guests are always engaged, having to figure out meals that are fresh and appealing to everyone’s palates on top of everything else might just be too much to handle. Still, don’t throw in the towel just yet: let these gourmet food delivery services in Singapore do the work for you.

Amid all those webinars and virtual town halls, have the break you and your guests earned. Treat yourself, your employees, and your guests to these well-deserved feasts without having to break a sweat.

1. The Plattering Co.

Opening up a catered bento box only to see dry economic bee hoon and soggy, anemic-looking vegetables is a pain familiar to many. The Plattering Co. knows just how important first impressions are—on top of sheer taste, they prioritise visual aesthetics, too. From artisanal cheese and fruit grazing platters to even the more staple protein-and-carb bento boxes, every package is prepared with the goal to whet the appetite from the moment the box lid is lifted.

With a wide range of products including Asian briyani bento boxes ($23.54/pax) and DIY Mexican Chicken Taco sharing platters ($90.95), there’s something for everyone with The Plattering Co. All they need is a two day lead time and minimum order value of $100.


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Nutritious and healthy pre-prepared meals don’t have to be an exercise in futility. With wellness as a core pillar to their business, AMGD has got all the tiers of the food pyramid covered in the meals they deliver, and they taste good, too. This halal-certified caterer takes into account the diverse diets individuals may have, with vegetarian options, keto-friendly foods, and protein-high bentos available. Calorie information is also provided for every product.

AMGD doesn’t enforce a minimum order per box, so employees are free to pick and choose whatever suits their fancy. Popular boxes include the Braveheart Bento Box, Japanese-inspired Wonderland Bento, and seafood themed Memory + C Carbs Bento Box, with each box priced at $17.12. Just be sure to give a lead time of at least a day for them to fulfill your order! 

3. Grain

Grain is another caterer fuelled by the goal to make healthy food tasty. A popular choice among firms like The Lo & Behold Group and Openspace Ventures, Grain is a reliable provider of fresh and flavourful meals. They’ve got a specially curated line of Webinar Meals, including selections like Sweet Thai-ng Roasted Dory ($34./95/pax)  and Flamed Torced Sanchoku Beef Steak ($42.96/pax)—of which you can mix and match with a minimum order of 10 meals. If you’d like to try a little bit of everything, order a Buffet to Go, which enables you to have a go of seven to nine courses from the price of $17.60!

With a flat delivery fee of $9.9 for Webinar Meal orders, sending meals across Singapore to all your employees or guests is a breeze—just hit the $100 minimum order and you’re all set to go.

4. Orange Lantern Catering

Orange Lantern Catering is well aware that a meal is more than just a carb with a few sides. With their hand-picked Zoom Bento Box line, every meal comes complete with an appetizer, main, a dessert, and a drink to boot. Though specialising in Vietnamese cuisine, this line offers up a plethora of different cuisines to choose from, from Asian to Continental—the latter of which is their most popular selection. Each box is reasonably priced at $21.40 per box.

As a lighter pick, a Tea Break Bento Set (12.84/pax) is also available, where you can pick a mix of five sweet and savoury items and a drink of your choice.

5. ICS Catering

Preparing meals since 2012, ICS Catering is a heavyweight in the catering game. This is a caterer you’d want to consider for virtual events or meetings with a larger number of attendees—prices start from $6.42 per box for their bento boxes. ICS Catering doesn’t skimp on their meals, either, with bentos serving up three sides and a drink in addition to a main. Premium bentos ($12/pax) also add in a dessert, too! Delivery for orders over a $600 value are free.

6. Shiok Kitchen Catering

Since its inception in 2004, Shiok Kitchen Catering has been an established name in the catering service industry. Grown from providing mainly Thai food, it now serves a vast selection of cuisines ranging from your local delights to Chinese cuisine and western gourmet dishes.

A Halal certified catering service provider, Shiok Kitchen Catering adheres to the highest standards of catering for both food and service, where its well-trained catering staff guarantees professional and efficient service during your event. Its bento sets start as low as S$6. Shiok Kitchen Catering specialises in Curated Cuisines, specially catered for every experiences.

These are our top six picks—but don’t just hear it from us. Hear it from the multitude of reviews from users on Caterspot: the marketplace for everything workplace related. From food to team activities, discover the right fit for you with more than 400 vendors available on the platform. Your next corporate event will be settled with the snap of a finger. With most Covid-19 restrictions being lifted at the time of this article, thee options could also be helpful for your next physical event.

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