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Onion Global Announces Upgraded “Supply-to-Business” Strategy Integrating Upstream Supply Chain and Expanding B2B Customer Base

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DigitalCFO Newsroom | 18 April 2022

Onion Global Limited today announced that it unveiled an upgraded “Supply-to-Business” (“STB”) strategy integrating upstream supply chain capabilities with expanding B2B customer base.

Onion Global Limited, a next-generation lifestyle brand platform that incubates, markets, and distributes the world’s fresh, fashionable, and future brands to young people in China and across Asia, today announced that it unveiled an upgraded “Supply-to-Business” (“STB”) strategy integrating upstream supply chain capabilities with expanding B2B customer base.

With the upgraded STB strategy, Onion Global will build a super trading platform with a comprehensive operating system that provides business support directly to B2B customers on matters related to supply chain, data analysis, and brand transactions. 

Key strategy highlights:

  • Backed by its strengths in Brand, Technology, and Factories, Onion Global will provide B2B customers with turnkey solutions spanning from brand incubation, technology development, and flexible supply chain support to help B2B customers develop customized products and launch new brands.
  • The Orion Brand Management platform, an integrated system built for B2B customers will offer solutions across R&D, product, branding, marketing, and data analytics.
  • Onion Global will help B2B customers reach a wider range of customers across the globe through its remarkable sales and logistics channels, including O’Mall, a global cross-border e-commerce platform, CosyFans, a Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce platform, Minibuyer, a private domain shop and team management tool, and E-Quick, an IoT service provider.

Mr. Cong (Kenny) Li, Founder, and CEO of Onion Global commented, “B2B customers are extremely valuable and we strongly believe that they will integrate closely with B2C clients in the future. When B2B customers develop their own business and revenue models, they are constantly generating new consumer demand and harvesting highly qualified B2C customers. Grounded by our global supply chain and closed-loop branding eco-system, we will provide a comprehensive, multi-level, and full-spectrum of brand services for more B2B customers, enterprise merchants, and sellers. As we put more emphasis on B2B customers, Onion Global’s “STB” model will widely empower all kinds of enterprises and individual entrepreneurs and provide an upgraded business model catering to the evolving consumer market.”

China’s B2B market is rapidly growing, driving increasing demand for supply chain and technology services from B2B customers. As the regulatory environment is tightening and the pandemic continues to bring uncertainty, Onion Global has core competitive advantages in operating brands across public and private domains, and benefits from the solid growth of its existing market, user base, and private domain traffic.

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