AllianceCorp Manufacturing Accelerates Innovation by Shifting to Rimini Street Support for SAP S/4HANA

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DigitalCFO Newsroom | 11 May 2022

ACM Holdings gains business agility and provides greater value to customers, reinvests in strategic initiatives while maximizing return on its ERP investment.

Rimini Street, Inc. (NASDAQ: RMNI), a global provider of enterprise software products and services, the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products, and a Salesforce partner, today announced that Alliance Corp Manufacturing Holdings (ACM), an international provider of integrated contract manufacturing solutions for precision parts, mechatronics modules, and equipment headquartered in Malaysia, has partnered with Rimini Street to support its SAP S/4HANA software.

ACM Holdings engaged in the strategic partnership with Rimini Street to re-evaluate the role of S/4HANA, the company’s core business application, to support business-critical customizations. Through this collaboration, Rimini Street has enabled ACM to craft a more agile environment to explore new opportunities and pursue innovation without disrupting the company’s core business operations.

Pursuing an Independent IT Roadmap

For manufacturing companies like ACM, which is on the leading edge of the fourth industrial revolution (i.e., Industry 4.0), a key strategy is to ensure resources are channelled toward what they do best – producing quality products for customers and not on building a big team of developers or support engineers. Its philosophy reflects in its bimodal IT strategy. Mode 1 is focused on ensuring a stable foundation to keep core systems and processes running. Mode 2 is oriented around innovation and exploration.

Since going live with SAP in 2003, ACM has spent a significant amount of time and resources managing through three implementations, constantly focused on updating to new versions instead of maximizing the value of existing investments and, more importantly, driving innovation for ACM. With Rimini Street, ACM continues running its current S/4HANA release to help maximize the ROI of its investment. Now that the company is stable and working efficiently, the improved quality of support from Rimini Street allows them to focus on customer needs, providing the bandwidth and resources required to invest in new ventures such as electric vehicles, robotics, healthcare, 3D printing, and innovations in agriculture and aquaculture.

“My job is to innovate, not reinvent. I do not want the burden of recreating a service I can purchase,” asserted Erik Looi, CIO at ACM. “A key factor for me is that we are able to pursue our own roadmap. Rimini Street gives me independence and freedom to make my own decisions about what is optimal for ACM.”

An Accommodating Partnership

Whether clients are currently running SAP ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0, S/4HANA or considering migrating to S/4HANA, Rimini Street’s award-winning support provides the engineering expertise and services required for any of these popular SAP systems – including support for custom code; tax, legal, and regulatory updates for the business environment; and advisory services for strategic application planning and interoperability optimization.

“Rimini Street supports clients running SAP, regardless of the application release or strategy they choose. With our software support for SAP, ACM was able to tailor their SAP system strategically and maintain greater control over every facet of their business, delivering a significant advantage in an unpredictable climate,” said Andrew Seow, group vice president and regional general manager, Southeast Asia and Greater China, Rimini Street. “Rimini Street Support for SAP S/4HANA can help companies like ACM stabilize operations on current S/4HANA releases and help avoid the probable churn of ongoing upgrades and updates as an evolving S/4HANA system continues to mature over time.”

As Rimini Street expands its global portfolio of solutions on its road to achieving $1B in annual revenue by 2026, it is enabling clients like ACM to chart a smart path forward by helping them optimize, evolve and transform their technology landscape and systems as they build and execute their business of tomorrow.

Looi adds, “Rimini Street adapts to what we want to do, not the other way around. Now, well into our partnership, I have complete confidence in Rimini Street’s ability to support our SAP platform. The benefits are everywhere.”

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