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TradeFlow Capital Management & CTD Indices Launch New Indices For Better Decision-making

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DigitalCFO Newsroom | 20 June 2022

CTDI and TradeFlow announces the launch of “TradeFlow CTDI China Energy Index for better decision-making in increasingly volatile and complex market conditions.

With investors requiring more accurate and timely information for better decision-making in increasingly volatile and complex market conditions, CTDIndices (CTDI) and TradeFlow Capital Management (TradeFlow) are pleased to announce the launch of the “TradeFlow CTDI China Energy Index ” and “TradeFlow CTDI China Grain Index”.

China ranks 2nd in GDP terms based on data from the World Bank, with tremendous importance to the global economy and in particular trade finance. Despite this, gaining access to the underlying data can be challenging to trade finance professionals. The newly launched Indices offer an uncluttered view of China domestic market activity to improve decision making.

TradeFlow, a market leader and innovator in the transformation of risk associated with SME company import/export Commodity transactions, is in partnership with CTDI to create China-focused indices for a more transparent proxy of past and current market performance of the world’s second largest economy.

The TradeFlow CTDI China Energy & Grain indices are the first of an intended collaboration where new specialist indices will be created and offered to the Energy & Commodities market under license.

Dr. Tom James, CEO and CIO of TradeFlow Capital Management said : “Having access to independent, unbiased and transparent indices is of increasing importance as the trading landscape becomes more volatile, and the higher frequency of decision-making must be supported with better information.”

Paul Hsu, CEO of CTDI said : “We are excited to be partnering up with TradeFlow to bring more insight into the Chinese economy. In addition to cooperating on these first indices, we look forward to working with TradeFlow to bring additional indices to market that will serve the global financial and trade industries.”

The indices will be available direct or via chosen vendor partners. More information on subscription and licensing may be found HERE

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