[Available On-Demand] DigitalCFO Webinar Series – Revolutionising Finance in Modern Times: Turning Change into Opportunities | 2 Aug 2022

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Event Synopsis:

As organizations around the world weather unprecedented changes in the global economy, best practices are shifting accordingly. With soaring customer expectations, supply chain disruptions, and challenges attracting and retaining talent, organizations need to rise to the occasion and deliver at the highest levels for customers, employees, and shareholders.

Modern CFOs, as one of the principal decision-makers in an organization, have already started taking on a redefined role that leads them to contribute more to value-creation rather than just focusing on numbers. Given this context, they are also expected to address concerns that impact the overall bottom line of the company, going beyond their day-to-day responsibilities in the finance function.

The question then becomes, how exactly can the financial guardians of the organizations play a more active role in today’s business climate?

Join DigitalCFO Asia and Oracle in this timely, unique, and exclusive discourse to hear from industry thought leaders as they discuss the frameworks and tools that will help finance leaders become successful value creators for their organizations in the modern economic environment.

Discussion Points:

– Role of Finance in the discussions of sustainability

– Risk of manual processes in Finance, e.g. cash management processes, etc.

– Collaboration of other business departments (Sales, Operations, Marketing, etc.) with Finance

– Tools that shape Modern Finance

– Engaging the entire workforce in the finance transformation

Who Should Attend:

Financial Controllers,  Finance Directors, Finance Managers, Accountants, AP/AR professionals

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