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DigitalCFO Asia Executive Roundtable Series – xP&A Roadmap: Understanding breakthroughs, opportunities and determining the end goal | 18 Aug 2022

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Event Synopsis:

With the economy starting to recover and deal with the impact of the recent pandemic, the value of planning and analysis has never been more crucial. The use of spreadsheets, siloed systems, and unlinked end-to-end systems may have done the job before, but with the emergence of digitization and considering the volatile state of the market, traditional ways may lead to more delays, errors, and frustrations.

This is where the implementation of best practices such as xP&A comes in. Extending the fundamentals of the traditional FP&A across the entire organization, using the proper tools and automation, allows them to unify, integrate, and align their planning and forecasting activities which affect their entire bottom line.

Finance leaders are already planning on how to pivot into recovery and advancement. Increased collaboration across all functions in the organization, allows every department to understand the financial implications of operational decisions. 

Forward-thinking finance teams know that numbers should not be the end of finance operations. The transition from traditional to digital finance function could be a bit daunting, however, this will allow them to be a more strategic business partner, deliver stronger and deliberate insights, align diverse business objectives, and construct data-driven decisions.

Join DigitalCFO, Jedox, and fellow finance leaders for this roundtable discussion dedicated to unlocking the opportunities in xp&a through value-focused business partnering. Translate your expertise into insightful action steps towards the forward-looking mindset that’s set to revolutionize the entire financial planning and analysis industry.

Discussion Points:

– How to deal with the low adoption rate to total automation of APAC organizations. 

– How to bridge the gap between the collaboration of finance function and business and operations teams and alignment of their respective planning process.

– How to enable organizational agility through out-of-cycle forecasts generation.

– Understanding the need for advanced reporting and forecasting tools in the implementation of xP&A.

– How to bring the xP&A journey one step further, by integrating business partnership with xP&A.

Who Should Attend:

Chief Financial Officers, Heads of Finance, GM/VP/AVP Finance, Finance Directors, Heads of FP&A, FP&A Professionals, Senior Finance Manager/Finance Managers, Finance Business Partners 

Event Agenda

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