DigitalCFO Asia Virtual Masterclass – How Finance Transformation Is Shaping The Future Of The Finance Department | 25 Aug 2022

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Finance Transformation plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the finance function. To future-proof the finance function in an increasingly digitized world, finance leaders are now expected to leave behind the limitations of traditional methods and move forward with a data-driven approach that will help finance departments function more efficiently and optimally.

Finance leaders are now able to push boundaries of what is possible and attain groundbreaking success for their organizations by adopting a digitally-enabled growth and strategy with technology support such as AI, big data, machine learning, cloud & analytics.

Join DigitalCFO Asia and Workday in this exclusive masterclass on how finance transformation is shaping the future of the Finance Department and why it is imperative that organizations should embark on their finance transformation journey now or risk being left behind.

Learning Points:

1. Which factors should an organization take into account when determining if it is ready for and in need of finance transformation?

2. How to strategically create a roadmap that approaches today’s finance transformation?

3. What are the primary concerns that need to be addressed before and during the implementation of finance transformation processes, such as digitization and automation?

4. What’s the expected full value of finance transformation in an organization after its implementation?

5. What do you think are the possible finance transformation opportunities in the next five years?

Who Should Attend:

CFOs, Financial controllers, Heads of FP&A, FP&A Professionals, Senior Finance Manager/Finance Managers, Finance Business Partners

Event Agenda

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