EventX Announces Acquisition to Enhance Growth Strategy in Asia 

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DigitalCFO Newsroom | 19 August 2022

EventX, an Asian-focused event SaaS company, today announced an acquisition of Toasty.

EventX, an Asian-focused event SaaS company providing event technology and event management solutions for businesses and marketers, today announced an acquisition of Toasty, a video meeting platform that helps engage people in meaningful conversations, to strengthen EventX’s position in Asian high-growth markets with a focus on hybrid event management solutions.

Founded in 2020, Toasty was designed to bring interactive workshops online and has since become the video meeting platform that is intentionally interactive to incorporate various social capabilities. Used by over 16.5K participants and available in over 25 countries, Toasty is poised to bring back human connection in a digital world.

“The acquisition partnership further cements our position as the leading hybrid event management solutions provider in the industry. We are very excited to enter into this partnership with Toasty to drive further growth and value creation to strengthen our operation in Asia.” said Sum Wong, CEO of EventX.

Through this strategic acquisition, EventX will continue to broaden the product range and maximize the capabilities in hybrid event solutions that enable our clients to grow by delivering next generation event technology solutions. This will also help accelerate the company’s strong growth across its hybrid event management solution, and its recently launched metaverse-enablement solution to strengthen the value proposition to both Asian clients and partners.

“We believe that we will be in an even better position for the next phase of our growth with our new partner EventX. Together we will bring in next-gen event technology to the industry and better serve our clients in Asia.” a spokesperson for Toasty said.

To address the event industry’s needs of increasing the quantity and quality of attendees acquisition, EventX has recently rolled out a new “Attendee Generation” offering as a marketing hacking tool for event organizers and marketers. With information such as the company size, profile and job title of potential prospects, the function is an effective outreach strategy to help organizers to get more target audiences to join their events. It also aims to enable event organizers to get familiar with the notion of a well-defined persona and segmenting, personalizing and ultimately connecting more attendees with the right value.

Built with tech-first products such as check-in solution, online event registration system, event app and virtual event solution that emcompasses features from all-in-one CRM management, event analytics to email sending tools to streamline invitation, EventX strives to serve companies of all shapes and sizes to let them spot new business opportunities by enhancing audience reach, helping small and medium enterprises or even the startup community to strategically harvest leads through engaging and interactive events with its extensive expertise in event management.

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