EC Holdings Launches Global Investment Migration Services

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DigitalCFO Newsroom | 1 September 2022

Hon. Philippe A. May is appointed CEO to spearhead operations.

Global investment migration firm, EC Holdings, commences operations with the launch of its Singapore Headquarters and the appointment of the Hon. Philippe A. May as Chief Executive Officer. Recognising the value of acquiring alternative residence and citizenship-by-investment (CBI) migration in the 21st century, the highly experienced leadership team offer advice and expertise, enabling greater flexibility, security and access to the world’s major economies.

Channelling over a decade of experience in Estate and Investment Immigration Planning, Private Banking,
Insurance, and Diplomacy, EC Holdings Co-Founder, the Hon. Philippe A. May, has been appointed CEO.
Most recently the Managing Director of Arton Capital (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Philippe is a qualified Associate Financial Planner (AFPTM), an Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®) and a member of the Financial Planner Association of Singapore (FPAS).

“As a Singaporean, I am immensely proud to lead the first global investment immigration company
headquartered here. HNWIs are paying more attention to their residence and citizenship portfolio. Our
team of experienced, licensed partners are able to offer the best solutions across 5 continents. We have
our own offices on site in most of our investment immigration destinations, so clients can rest assured
that they are in the best hands,” said the Hon. Philippe A. May, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
of EC Holdings.

Co-Founder and Chairman, Kevin A. D. Hosam, and Co-Founder, Martin St. Hilaire, complete the EC
Holdings Founding team. Collectively, the threesome boast more than a quarter of a century of experience in investment migration; thus, EC Holdings are able to seamlessly navigate complex and ever-changing systems and legalities to present best-in-class solutions based on the requirements, family size, and education credentials of each individual client.

“I have been in the CBI industry since Antigua and Barbuda started its citizenship program. Now, I am
looking forward to extending the outreach of our citizenship program through our network of senior RCBI

professionals under the roof of one new global company – EC Holdings,” said Kevin A. D. Hosam, Co-
Founder and Chairman of EC Holdings.

Aside from the senior leadership team, EC Holdings has partnered strategically with specialist agents in
key operational markets(Bahamas, Latvia, Nigeria, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia and Türkiye) bringing them on as equity partners. With ample local knowledge and insights, these partners strengthen the hands-on approach employed by EC Holdings

“Amongst the unique solutions of EC Holdings are services in Vanuatu, Bahamas, Uruguay, Latvia and
Paraguay, which no global investor immigration firm offers so far. I have lived in Vanuatu for the past 20
years and am a citizen myself, so I am looking forward to enabling more clients to reap the benefits of
Vanuatu Citizenship,” said Martin St. Hilaire, Co-Founder of EC Holdings.

Fuelled by increased global uncertainty and the restrictions thrust upon freedom during the COVID-19
pandemic, EC Holdings identified an uptick in the number of clients desiring alternative citizenship and
residency options. Increased global mobility is a strong pull factor for clients seeking escape from political or economic threat, new business opportunities, and the option to swiftly move to a new jurisdiction.

Access to improved healthcare, education services and a more comfortable way of life are further reasons for seeking migration through investment, whilst reduction of tax burdens and fiscal and family planning are other key factors.

As the first and only global investor migration firm with solutions in the Bahamas, Latin America, Latvia
and Vanuatu along with the more familiar countries such as Saint Lucia and Portugal, EC Holdings offer two kinds of programs; citizenship-by-investment and residency-by-investment. Citizenship-by-
investment programs offer clients the privilege of acquiring a second citizenship and the right to travel freely to various destinations and settle in another county. EC Holdings meticulously and constantly
review investment migration legislation from over 100 countries globally and select the most beneficial
and successful investment citizenship programs for clients. Meanwhile, residency-by-investment
programs enable opportunities to move, live, work, study, and receive health care in a new country of
residence. EC Holdings offers expert advice on residency-by-investment programs in some of the best
places in the world in terms of business environment, quality of life and opportunity.

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