This Singapore-Based Career Platform Uses AI to Save Hours & Dollars for Job Seekers And Recruiters

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DigitalCFO Newsroom | 19 September 2022

Job seekers can now receive advice on resume creation, potential career paths and interview processes while networking with like-minded individuals. 

Singapore-based smart career consultancy, OppTy, announces the official launch of its career platform today. Powered by AI, the new online portal is a one-stop career ecosystem with AI-powered solutions that streamlines the job search and headhunting process by offering career planning services, networking channels, and automated job matching processes for both job seekers and recruiters alike.  

Founded in 2021, OppTy is an automated recruitment system that utilises cutting-edge AI technology to streamline hiring processes by matching suitable candidates to available job openings. Developed in-house by global software engineers, the OppTy AI bypasses traditional time-consuming practices present in current job seeking and recruitment processes. 

“Recognising the struggles faced by job seekers and recruiters, OppTy is strategically designed to alleviate common pain-points faced by job seekers and headhunters. This includes automating job matches, optimising the search function for potential job and candidate prospects, and managing the full recruitment workflow from candidate search and interviews, to hiring and onboarding. With the launch of this platform, users no longer have to spend endless hours on repetitive administrative tasks in the recruitment process,” shares Jansen Gwee, Founder of OppTy.  

For Job Seekers

OppTy provides extensive guidance for all job seekers registered on its platform, supporting them throughout their entire job-seeking process. This includes resume creation and portfolio maintenance, where the AI algorithms will recommend relevant skill sets, qualifications and accomplishments to be included in their Curriculum Vitaes (CV). The CVs will then serve as candidate profiles on the platform, to increase discoverability by companies looking to hire in the automated job matching process. Alongside this, the platform will also run passive searches in the background and suggest the best job opportunities present in the chosen industry. 

OppTy Career Roadmap Assistance

Additionally, candidates will be able to visualise potential career paths through OppTy’s Career Roadmap Assistance service, which will provide a thorough depiction of the careers they may explore based on their current qualifications, skill sets and interests. To further maximise the chances of being successfully hired, OppTy also provides job seekers with a detailed interview preparation process, which comprises suggestions on various types of questions to expect, as well as the relevant skill sets one should highlight. 

Believing in the importance of transparency throughout the hiring process, OppTy will also provide candidates with real-time updates on the status of their applications, reducing turnaround time and offering applicants with assurance and a peace of mind as they await the outcome of their job applications.

For Recruiters

Further to that, OppTy also caters to recruiters and headhunters by saving over 80% on their annual recruitment costs through their all-in-one recruitment process. Recruiters can simply post a job opening and have the platform handle the entire candidate search, screening, and hiring process. Powered by AI, the platform’s smart candidate selection tool helps pool together a list of candidates that are best suited for each job opening as well. Candidates who may not be actively looking for a job but are possibly a good fit for the position will also be shortlisted for the job position, further expanding candidate options presented to recruiters.  

OppTy Recruiter Dashboard

Manually contacting interviewees and co-ordinating interviews will also be a thing of the past. Armed with features like the automated schedulers, OppTy is capable of contacting candidates to schedule interviews and reminding recruiters of upcoming interviews and psychometric tests, which removes much of the menial tasks involved in the recruitment process.

Beyond a job portal, OppTy is the go-to platform where networks and communities can be formed amongst individuals with similar interests, career aspirations and goals. To date, OppTy has amassed nearly 5000 users and over 1800 companies. With the revival of many industries and more companies looking to hire, OppTy expects its number of registered users to grow exponentially as the year unfolds. 

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