PayerMax To Boost Growth In SEA With Singapore As The Strategic Foothold

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DigitalCFO Newsroom | 28 September 2022

PayerMax will make its first Asia debut at the Singapore Fintech Festival in November this year.

Global payments solution provider will employ more resources and manpower in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, to accelerate digital payment adoption and empower online merchants to scale business beyond borders.

PayerMax, an omni-method global payments solution supporting more than 350 local payment methods across Southeast Asia, South Asia, South Korea, LATAM and MENA, has announced its plans to break ground in Southeast Asia, anchoring with Singapore as its strategic regional hub. 

In line with an increasing number of regional national agendas propelling the development of a cashless society through digital payments, PayerMax plans to leverage on its private and public sector partnerships to drive and fuel the payment infrastructure of e-commerce, gaming and entertainment, whilst maintaining the core values of financial inclusion and working hand-in-hand with regulatory ecosystems.

“The digital payments landscape in Southeast Asia has been rapidly evolving and is expected to reach US$1.5 trillion by 2030. As a major catalyst, the ongoing pandemic has driven unprecedented levels of digital adoption across all demographics. Cashless, contactless, and cross-border payments are now the new norm, and players need to recognize this as an opportunity,” says Vicky Gannason, Regional Director at PayerMax. 

“Our key focus in the long horizon is to  invest more resources and manpower to build PayerMax’s presence in emerging markets. And we are excited about the growth prospects in a region that is witnessing a huge digital payments boom in the years to come.” says Essay Zhu, Chief Operating Officer at Payermax.

PayerMax will make its first Asia debut at the Singapore Fintech Festival in November this year. One of the strongest new contenders in the payments space, PayerMax seeks to make their mark with audiences by sharing its strategic playbook on post-covid cross border payments and navigating diverse regulatory landscapes. PayerMax has recently launched its operations in MENA as a significant milestone as it aims to unify the fragmented payments landscape to bring about a paradigm shift in user behavior and support the rapidly growing digital landscape in that part of the world. 

PayerMax empowers global merchants to achieve borderless growth, by providing a full-stack solution where localized payment methods are accepted at scale, within a highly secure, robust and compliant environment. 

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