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DigitalCFO Asia Virtual Masterclass – How Finance Transformation Can Help CFOs Navigate Today’s Business Uncertainty | 21 Feb 2023

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Event Synopsis:

Finance teams need a new organizational playbook.

Today’s CFOs are operating in a very different world than they were just three years ago – one in which they are expected to steer their organizations through soaring inflation, volatile market conditions, supply chain challenges, and global disruption.

They must be prepared to act, pivot, and sometimes re-pivot with speed and precision – using data to create value (or preserve it) for their shareholders and stakeholders.

While financials are the backbone of every business, and modern financial solutions and services are essential to power business growth and viability, how can finance leaders truly future-proof the finance function in an increasingly digitized world that is complicated by global headwinds?

Join DigitalCFO Asia and Workday in this exclusive masterclass on how finance transformation is shaping the future of the function and why it is imperative that organizations leave behind the limitations of traditional methods and adopt a digitally-enabled growth and strategy to help finance departments function more efficiently and optimally.

Learning Points:

1. Which factors should an organization take into account when determining if it is ready for and in need of finance transformation to navigate business uncertainty?

2. How to create a strategic roadmap to approach finance transformation in today’s volatile business environment?

3. What are the primary concerns that need to be addressed before and during the implementation of finance transformation processes such as digitization and automation?

4. How can organizations get most optimal return on investment from finance transformation after its implementation?

5. What do you think are the possible finance transformation opportunities in the next five years?

Who Should Attend:

CFOs, Financial controllers, Heads of FP&A, FP&A Professionals, Senior Finance Manager/Finance Managers, Finance Business Partners

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