Arta TechFin And OSL’s Partnership To Create An End-to-end Virtual Asset Financial Service Ecosystem

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16 February 2023

ARTA and OSL, both headquartered in HK, are jointly developing ecosystems to bring global VA access to institutional and retail clients.

Arta TechFin, a hybrid fintech platform in both traditional assets and virtual assets (“VA”), and OSL, the digital asset business division of BC  Technology Group, today entered into a strategic partnership (“partnership”) to create an end-to-end VA financial service ecosystem. 

Subject to obtaining required regulatory approvals, the partnership intends to offer a full spectrum of  regulated VA solutions, including origination of asset-backed security tokens, secondary trading of  physically-settled and cash-settled VA spot and VA derivatives, and custody of OTC and exchange traded VA. Riding on the tailwind of the Hong Kong Government’s progressive VA policies, our joint  effort will continue to support Hong Kong’s development as the global VA financial center. 

For primary market origination, ARTA shall use its best effort to appoint OSL as the placing agent for  its security token offering in Hong Kong. ARTA’s corporate finance team shall take the lead in  tokenization technology service, deal sourcing and structuring, and fund raising. This activity is subject  to regulatory approval. 

For secondary trading, OSL shall be appointed as ARTA’s exclusive trading partner to conduct  physically-settled VA trading activities for a period of 12 months. Where OSL engages in cash-settled  VA derivatives trading, ARTA shall also provide OSL with cash-settled VA derivatives trading services  including but not limited to Chicago Mercantile Exchange listed VA futures and options and Hong Kong  Exchange listed VA future exchange traded derivatives. 

OSL, through an omnibus account model, will support ARTA’s end-clients with institutional-grade performance VA trading and safe-keeping facilities.  

Global Reach, Local Touch

ARTA and OSL, both headquartered in HK, are jointly developing ecosystems to bring global VA access to institutional and retail clients. Investors can benefit from the full protection of the Hong Kong  regulatory regime, including client assets segregation, financial transparency, and stability. Regulated  traditional financial and VA services are seamlessly integrated to create the next generation  ecosystem for better liquidity, product variety, and security. 

“This game-changing partnership gives birth to an institutional-class total VA solution that serves  global institutional and individual clients. Hong Kong’s progressive VA policies lay a strong foundation  for us to take advantage of this unique opportunity. We are committed to supporting the development  of a vibrant VA ecosystem in Hong Kong,” said Eddie Lau, ARTA’s Chief Executive Officer

“We are thrilled to enter into this strategic partnership with ARTA. We look forward to servicing the  digital asset trading and fundraising needs of ARTA and its clients. This partnership will allow us to 

leverage our expertise in the digital asset space to drive growth in the fintech industry,” said Hugh Madden, Chief Executive Officer of BC Group and OSL. 

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