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22 February 2023

  • Held on 21 February 2023, this virtual masterclass had discussions on digital transformation efforts, the future of finance and leaving behind the limitations of traditional methods to operate more efficiently.
  • The virtual roundtable saw notable attendees from Frasers Property Limited, AEON, Resorts World Sentosa and more.

DigitalCFO Asia and Workday partnered to host this virtual masterclass that was dedicated to sharing about how finance transformation can help CFOs navigate today’s business uncertainty. Today’s CFOs are operating in a very different world than they were just three years ago – one in which they are expected to steer their organizations through soaring inflation, volatile market conditions, supply chain challenges, and global disruption.

The attendees for the virtual masterclass included finance professionals (CFOs, Finance Directors, Head of Finance) from various industries such as telecommunication, financial services, hospitality, and healthcare. The event saw notable attendees from Frasers Property Limited, AEON, Resorts World Sentosa and many more.

The virtual masterclass was led by the cheerful and energetic Joanne Flinn, CEO & Founder of Unicorning who began the session with interactive activities for the attendees that shared many challenges they were currently facing in implementing change to the finance team. Joanne highlighted the importance of “Why change, and Why Now?”

The virtual masterclass also had Lee Thong Tan, CFO Practice Lead for Asia at Workday who provided insightful tips on various tactics for navigating uncertainty – defensive or offensive and also established 5 key challenges that finance teams often face today. During the masterclass, he also touched on how companies can work around these challenges and even overcome them. 

Chetan Jotwani, Senior Value Manager at Workday, also touched on how companies can set themselves up for success by building a case for transformation. He emphasized that digital transformation is a team sport, requiring collaboration across business units and functions. In building a case for transformation, it is important to look beyond functional improvements and analyze impact to business KPIs and metrics. 

These were only some of the key things highlighted and talked about during the virtual masterclass. You can tune in to the on-demand Masterclass to find out more about what was shared here and how many attendees left the masterclass with a clearer view of tackling the challenges brought about by today’s economic uncertainties. DigitalCFO Asia will also be hosting the DigitalCFO Asia Indonesia Symposium 2023, on the 16th of March that will tackle more economic uncertainty challenges.

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