[Whitepaper] True Impact of Failed Payments Report

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By: Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions

Prioritize A2A Payments Performance With Fast Payments Solutions

Explore findings from the True Impact of Failed Payments Report

The global economy runs on efficient cross-border account-to-account (A2A) payments, and yet the average global straight-through processing (STP) rate is as little as 26% according to LexisNexis® Risk Solutions recent study into the True Impact of Failed Payments.

Deteriorating macroeconomic conditions and rising inflation pressures leave little room for payments failures, costly errors and operational delays. Failed payments are eroding profitability and impacting performance in a climate where businesses need their money to work harder than ever.

Universal cost and operational impacts of failed payments

The top three sources of payment failure or delay

Uncover a snapshot of cross-border A2A payments performance

  • Find out how fast payments solutions improve A2A payments performance
  • Learn the critical factors driving payments efficiency
  • Pinpoint the most vulnerable routes for cross-border payments

Today’s global economy makes it critical for the payments function to contribute greater strategic value by helping the enterprise extend capital efficiency and better leverage liquidity. Our report illustrates how fast payments solutions, such as payment processing APIs, are enabling payments teams to realize higher straight-through processing rates, facilitate frictionless payments and achieve measurable performance gains. Take a closer look to learn how fast payments solutions and more accurate global payments data put the payments function in an optimal position to create enterprise cost synergies and contribute greater overall value.

Protect the integrity of global supply chains and prioritize seamless A2A payments experiences with the performance advantage of fast payments solutions.

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