NOIZ Group’s Strategic Rebranding Ignites Financial Innovation

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9 June 2023

Discover how NOIZ Group’s strategic rebranding as a seasoned player in the financial sphere fuels innovation, reshapes the market landscape, and empowers creators in the digital age.

NOIZ Group (formerly Merdeka Financial Group) announced its strategic rebranding, marking a significant development that will capture the attention of chief financial officers (CFOs) and investors in the financial industry. This transformation represents NOIZ Group’s commitment to fueling innovation and fostering unprecedented growth in the evolving market landscape.

As NOIZ Group takes bold steps towards the digital future, the company aims to leverage technology to unlock unbounded wealth, joy, and prosperity for the public. By integrating technology and introducing an all-encompassing creator management platform, NOIZ Group is poised to reshape the horizon and drive industry advancements.

Hans Wong, Chairman and CEO of NOIZ Group, emphasized the company’s renewed dedication to sustainable growth and unlocking untapped potentials within society. With a focus on empowering creators, NOIZ Group aims to revolutionize the entertainment industry by employing proprietary eco-friendly blockchain technology, augmented reality, and AI-driven solutions. The mission is to enable creators to generate wealth and happiness through their intellectual properties.

The forthcoming platform by NOIZ Group will introduce novel features that empower individuals, creators, artists, and brand owners to connect directly with their fans. Deep fan engagement, sponsorship opportunities, and a heightened sense of community will be facilitated, creating a transparent and fair ecosystem that encourages active participation from users. Through transparency, fairness, and crowd wisdom, users will be able to initiate projects, gather feedback, and cultivate a dedicated fan base.

Simultaneous with the rebranding, NOIZ Group is committed to nurturing innovative technologies that revolutionize income streams for individuals, particularly in the emergent “slasher” economy. The company aims to invigorate Hong Kong, Asia, and the world by guiding them towards embracing new market dynamics.

Wong further expressed NOIZ Group’s determination to redefine possibilities for users in the age of new media, entertainment, and lifestyle. Stakeholders, including investors and the general public, are encouraged to join this exhilarating journey as NOIZ Group navigates the new era and reshaped market landscape.

NOIZ Group’s mission is to initiate a paradigm shift in the interconnected digital realm by providing users with the tools to control their intellectual property, creations, and income streams. By harnessing emerging technologies, the company empowers users to shape their own destinies.

The strategic rebranding and transformation of NOIZ Group are expected to create substantial shareholder value by seizing new growth opportunities in the creator economy. With a central focus on catalyzing joy, inclusivity, and prosperity, NOIZ Group aims to capture the attention of CFOs and investors seeking to explore the dynamic potential of the creator economy.

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