SUNRATE and Visa Forge Unstoppable Alliance to Revolutionize Global Payments and Treasury Management

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15 June 2023

Discover how the collaboration between SUNRATE and Visa is set to transform the world of global payments and treasury management, revolutionizing cross-border transactions with enhanced security, efficiency, and convenience.

In a groundbreaking move, SUNRATE, the intelligent global payment and treasury management platform, has joined forces with Visa, a renowned leader in the realm of digital payments. This collaboration aims to empower SUNRATE customers with the ability to seamlessly send and receive funds directly to eligible Visa debit and prepaid cards, ushering in a new era of convenience and efficiency in financial transactions.

The integration of SUNRATE’s cutting-edge technology with Visa’s global payment network marks a significant milestone for both companies. SUNRATE has been making waves in the fintech landscape, and this partnership serves as a testament to its commitment to revolutionize money movement across borders. As a principal member of the Visa network since 2021, SUNRATE has already established a solid foundation for secure and transparent cross-border payments.

Qincheng Wang, Head of Product at SUNRATE, emphasized the shared vision between the two companies, stating, “Being a global FinTech company, SUNRATE and Visa share the same commitment to modernize money movement, by focusing on the security, competency, and transparency of cross-border payments for businesses worldwide. Our partnership with Visa accentuates the pros that this combination brings to recognizing this common commitment for our customers globally.”

This collaboration not only facilitates the efficient movement of funds but also enhances SUNRATE’s comprehensive online travel solution. Earlier this year, SUNRATE launched its Visa virtual commercial card, which seamlessly integrates into its holistic travel platform. By leveraging Visa’s extensive expertise in digital payments, SUNRATE is empowering businesses to streamline their travel expenses and manage transactions with utmost ease and convenience.

Deepan Dagur, Head of Money Movement, Asia Pacific at Visa, highlighted the growing demand for faster and more accessible cross-border payments. He said, “The appetite for quicker and more accessible cross-border payments continues to grow as businesses look for better ways to pay and be paid. Together with SUNRATE, Visa is simplifying cross-border payments by being the single connection point for clients to move money easily and efficiently.”

The collaboration between SUNRATE and Visa represents a game-changing development in the financial technology landscape. By leveraging their combined expertise, these industry leaders are paving the way for a future where businesses can seamlessly navigate the complexities of global payments, all while enjoying enhanced security, efficiency, and transparency. As the global financial ecosystem evolves, SUNRATE and Visa stand at the forefront, reshaping the way businesses conduct transactions and powering the next wave of innovation in cross-border money movement.

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