Unveiling the Secrets of Talent Attraction: Strategies to Crack the Code and Secure Top Candidates

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15 June 2023

Discover the game-changing strategies revealed by PageUp’s latest research on talent attraction.

In a landscape of ongoing talent shortages, attracting and securing the right candidates has become an increasingly challenging task for businesses worldwide. According to the latest research conducted by PageUp, a global leader in Talent Acquisition solutions, cracking the code on talent attraction requires a comprehensive understanding of the candidate experience and strategic implementation of key factors. PageUp’s research sheds light on the critical strategies that CFOs can employ to secure top talent and drive sustainable organizational resilience.

Understanding the Importance of Candidate Experience

Mark Rice, CEO of PageUp Group, emphasizes that candidate experience has never been more crucial. With global unemployment rates remaining below long-term trends, companies face immense pressure to attract qualified candidates. This pressure, in turn, negatively impacts productivity. To ensure long-term success, companies must bridge the gap between candidate expectations and their actual hiring processes.

Unveiling the Jobseeker Journey

PageUp’s research delves into three pivotal stages of the jobseeker journey: pre-application, job search, and application. The findings demonstrate how each stage influences the overall candidate experience. Furthermore, the research highlights the significant role of technology, transparency, and data in optimizing the applicant journey. Investing in providing candidates with exceptional experiences is proven to be advantageous for organizations.

Leveraging Technology and Transparency

Rebecca Skilbeck, Head of Customer Insights and Market Research at PageUp, highlights that a growing number of job applications, currently 32%, are submitted via mobile devices. Scalability, streamlined processes, accessibility, and guidance for candidates are key benefits that technology offers. However, it is essential for companies to not only adopt the right platforms but also utilize them effectively. Jobseekers value information, making it crucial for organizations to provide critical details and enhance the candidate experience.

Empowering Jobseekers with Information

The research reveals that 80% of surveyed applicants consider having access to critical information before pursuing a role as important. However, only 36% of candidates feel satisfied with the information they receive. Organizations can leverage their career sites, where 64% of jobseekers begin their search, to showcase their employer brand, offer crucial information, and optimize this channel to increase application rates.

Enhancing Job Ads for Clarity and Transparency

Jobseekers demand clear and transparent job ads. Elements such as concise job titles and descriptions, defined salary ranges, eligibility requirements, and documentation details are the most frequently requested information. By incorporating these essential elements, organizations can attract candidates who appreciate transparency and improve their overall applicant pool quality.

Optimizing the Application Experience

The research findings indicate that the type of questions asked during the application process significantly impacts the candidate experience. Questions without context or those perceived as intrusive or invasive have a negative effect on the candidate’s perception of the hiring process. Conversely, clear, direct, and relevant questions receive praise from applicants. Therefore, organizations should carefully design their application forms to enhance the candidate experience and avoid deterring potential talent.

Contrary to common belief, the candidate experience does not begin once an application is submitted. PageUp’s comprehensive research equips business leaders, including CFOs, with tangible and actionable data to enhance the early stages of the hiring process. In a competitive talent market, focusing on the candidate experience is no longer a “nice-to-have” but the only way to attract and secure the best talent. By implementing the strategies outlined in this research, CFOs can position their organizations as top choices for prospective candidates and achieve long-term success in talent acquisition.

The full report can be accessed here.

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