7-Eleven Malaysia Boosts Digital Payment Support, Enabling Cross-Border Payments for Asian Tourists

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28 June 2023

Find out how the convenience store chain’s collaboration with Razer Merchant Services expands its digital payment capabilities, enhancing the traveler experience and driving growth in Malaysia’s digital economy.

7-Eleven Malaysia has taken a significant step towards enhancing its digital payment capabilities by enabling support for the popular digital payment system Alipay+. This move allows the convenience store giant to now accept cross-border payments from selected tourists from various Asian countries. The integration of Alipay+ into over 2,400 7-Eleven stores across Malaysia was made possible through the collaboration with payment gateway service provider Razer Merchant Services (RMS).

With this development, 7-Eleven Malaysia becomes capable of accepting payments from tourists using four Asian e-wallets: AlipayHK (Hong Kong), GCash (the Philippines), Kakao Pay (South Korea), and TrueMoney (Thailand). These e-wallets have been successfully onboarded onto the Alipay+ ecosystem, enabling seamless and convenient digital transactions for visitors from around the world.

Chan Chee Weng, Assistant General Manager for In-store Services at 7-Eleven Malaysia, expressed excitement about the enhanced traveler experience this initiative will offer as tourists return to the country. He stated, “By expanding Alipay+ coverage to all our stores, we are providing a seamless and convenient digital payment solution for visitors from around the world. As a key use case for tourism, our stores serve as a one-stop destination for travelers, offering a wide range of products, snacks, and essentials.”

The collaboration between 7-Eleven Malaysia and Alipay+ is not only a boon for the convenience store chain but also a strategic move to tap into the vast opportunities presented by the digital economy. The integration of Alipay+ in over 2,400 7-Eleven outlets contributes to the comprehensive network of more than 80,000 merchant touchpoints in Malaysia where Alipay+ is accepted. These touchpoints include various retail, F&B, and hospitality outlets such as Tealive, MyNews, Sephora, Watsons, Sports Direct, as well as duty-free stores.

Lee Li Meng, CEO of Razer Fintech, the parent company of Razer Merchant Services, emphasized the commitment to facilitating the digital transformation of Malaysian businesses through their partnership with Alipay+. He stated, “Our collaboration deepens the close relationship with 7-Eleven and empowers 7-Eleven to tap into the vast opportunities of the digital economy by offering convenient payment for locals and tourists, enhancing the overall experience and driving growth.”

Alipay+ is a comprehensive suite of digital payment system and marketing solutions that allows local businesses to process a wide range of mobile payment methods from both regional and global customers. In addition to Malaysia, Alipay+ is widely accepted in numerous countries, including the Chinese mainland, Macao SAR, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea, among others.

It is worth noting that prior to the inclusion of the four new Asian e-wallets, 7-Eleven Malaysia was already accepting payments through Alipay, a separate digital wallet from China, since 2016. Moreover, the convenience store chain also supported selected local e-wallets such as Touch ‘n Go eWallet and ShopeePay.

The integration of Alipay+ into 7-Eleven Malaysia’s extensive network marks a significant milestone in the country’s digital payment landscape. As tourists flock back to the country and embrace the convenience of digital transactions, this move sets a precedent for other businesses to prioritize digital payment solutions, ultimately driving Malaysia’s progress in the digital economy.

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