Criteo Partners with Sidetrade’s AI-Powered Solutions to Revolutionize Order-to-Cash Processes

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28 June 2023

The partnership aims to accelerate cash flow, streamline operations, and deliver a superior client experience through advanced automation and next-generation technology.

Criteo, a leading global technology company specializing in enabling marketers and media owners to drive superior commerce outcomes, has entered into a multi-year agreement with Sidetrade, the global leader in AI-powered Order-to-Cash solutions. The collaboration aims to optimize and streamline Criteo’s Order-to-Cash processes using Sidetrade’s advanced technology.

The decision to select Sidetrade was driven by Criteo’s commitment to adapting to the evolving advertising and technology industries. By leveraging Sidetrade’s expertise, Criteo aims to enhance the efficiency of its global standard processes, accelerate cash flow, and deliver an exceptional client experience. Petrie Terblanche, SVP Finance Shared Services of Criteo, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the importance of Sidetrade’s support in achieving these objectives.

Sidetrade’s exceptional technology, combined with the expertise of its team, played a pivotal role in Criteo’s decision. The agility demonstrated by Sidetrade in aligning with Criteo’s business requirements and project methodology made them an ideal partner. This collaboration will facilitate seamless integration of Sidetrade’s solutions into Criteo’s existing processes, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Sidetrade’s AI-powered technology, which analyzes billions of B2B transactions daily, will empower Criteo to leverage automation and enhance productivity while nurturing customer relationships. By employing Sidetrade’s recommended dunning strategies and automatable actions, Criteo will be able to anticipate payment behavior and customer risk, enabling faster decision-making. Additionally, the implementation of globally standardized systems will provide full KPI visibility and enhance cash flow generation.

Jean-Claude Charpenet, VP Sales Europe at Sidetrade, expressed excitement about welcoming Criteo as a valued customer. He emphasized the shared belief in next-generation artificial intelligence technology as a fundamental aspect of Sidetrade’s foundation, aligned with Criteo’s vision. Sidetrade is confident that its technology and dedicated teams will significantly contribute to Criteo’s business growth, accelerate cash flow generation, and improve overall efficiency.

Joining a prestigious group of more than 120 international players in the ICT sector, Criteo now relies on Sidetrade to simplify customer payments and continually enhance its Order-to-Cash efficiency. This partnership signifies Criteo’s dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.

As Criteo and Sidetrade embark on this collaborative journey, the market eagerly anticipates witnessing the positive impact of their strategic partnership on the finance and commerce sectors.

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