URECA Appoints New Chief Financial Officer to Strengthen Leadership Team

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28 June 2023

URECA welcomes Tom Carr, an experienced financial expert, to drive sustainability initiatives and secure investments.

In a strategic move to bolster its leadership team, URECA, a leading sustainability technology company, has welcomed Tom Carr as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Carr joins the existing board members, Orchlon Enkhtsetseg (CEO), Amar Baatartsogt (COO), Unurbat Erdenemunkh (CTO), and Onon Bayasgalan (CSO), completing the organization’s top-tier management.

With an impressive background, Carr brings extensive experience from major corporations such as Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd, Rio Tinto, and Bank of Scotland. Throughout his tenure in the banking sector, Carr gained significant expertise in structured derivative transactions, particularly in sales trading and executing complex deals. Furthermore, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the natural resources sector across Mongolia, Australia, and North America, with a strong focus on critical minerals like copper and lithium, vital for the transition to a low-carbon economy. His nearly two decades of experience encompass due diligence, public company reporting, financial modeling, and the implementation of commercial and corporate strategies.

Carr’s role at URECA will be pivotal in solidifying the company’s position within the sustainability ecosystem by delivering innovative technological solutions for businesses and consumers. Leveraging his expertise, he will contribute to URECA’s financial health and stability by securing investments, as the organization prepares for its upcoming funding round. Expressing his enthusiasm about his new position, Carr stated, “I am very happy to join URECA at this time, where sustainability conversations are heavily focusing on carbon credits, climate action, and the role of consumers in addressing climate change. With so much potential for growth, I am confident that my experience in big organizations can help URECA target investors and banks in a more effective manner. Having worked in the banking industry, I understand how to approach them and hopefully close the bigger picture deals.”

Amar Baatartsogt, COO and Co-Founder of URECA, expressed delight and gratitude for Carr’s addition to the team, recognizing the invaluable knowledge and experience he brings to the table. Baatartsogt emphasized Carr’s ability to provide structure and stability to URECA’s overall approach and operations, essential for a startup with diverse ongoing activities. Additionally, Baatartsogt highlighted Carr’s visionary perspective and leadership, stating that it would help establish URECA as a global brand and play a crucial role in the company’s growth and corporate initiatives.

In recent months, URECA has achieved significant milestones. Alongside Carr’s appointment, the company successfully launched its climate investing platform, aiming to catalyze a global grassroots movement. The platform offers individuals and corporations the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade carbon credits, constructing their climate investment portfolios while tracking the impact on the planet with each investment. Moreover, URECA’s marketplace provides direct access to carbon credits from project developers accredited by renowned international carbon offset standard programs. The platform also features household-level projects powered by URECA’s digital MRV (measurement, reporting, and verification) system, which employs IoT engineering and machine learning to remotely verify carbon offsets. This innovative solution enables individual households and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to transition to clean energy and generate and sell carbon offsets.

In another triumph, URECA clinched the title of winner in the “Enabling Voluntary Carbon Markets” category at the prestigious Energy Tech Challenge during the Energy Tech Summit 2023. The annual challenge brings together innovative companies dedicated to decarbonizing the planet and provides a platform to connect with like-minded individuals and corporations. With over 400 applicants and fierce competition among 50 finalists, URECA emerged victorious by presenting its groundbreaking climate investing platform to a distinguished panel of judges. This accolade solidifies URECA’s position as a pioneering player in the carbon markets segment.

As URECA continues to focus on growth and expansion, the appointment of Tom Carr as CFO, the launch of its climate investing platform, and the recognition received at the Energy Tech Summit underline the company’s commitment to its vision. With key milestones on the horizon, URECA is determined to make a lasting impact in the realm of sustainability technology.

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