CFOs’ Ultimate Dining Destination in Hong Kong

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30 June 2023

With a luxurious ambiance and exclusive privileges for Mastercard cardholders, LUMA is the ultimate destination for discerning palates in the heart of Hong Kong’s vibrant business district.

Hong Kong’s bustling economy is experiencing a vibrant revival, drawing residents and global visitors alike to its thriving social scene. In this dynamic landscape, Mastercard, in collaboration with esteemed local F&B group LUBUDS, is proud to announce the grand opening of LUMA, a premier restaurant situated at the historical landmark of 1881 Heritage in the vibrant Tsim Sha Tsui district. This luxurious dining destination presents an enticing opportunity for CFOs to indulge in a memorable culinary experience during their business travels to Hong Kong.

Exclusively available to Mastercard cardholders starting from June 29, LUMA promises an exquisite multi-course fusion tasting menu that will be expertly crafted and constantly refreshed by a rotating roster of renowned chefs from the LUBUDS Group. These culinary masters will skillfully interpret the radiant and distinct flavors of Asian, Chinese, and European favorites, infusing their own unique styles into each dish.

Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Mastercard, shares, “At Mastercard, we strive to bring people closer to their passions – and each other. Food has the power to transport us to new places, offering unforgettable experiences as we explore different cultures and regions through taste. This is why we are thrilled to expand our culinary footprint with LUMA in Hong Kong, delivering truly exceptional experiences to cardholders from around the world.”

Derived from the combination of “LUBUDS” and “Mastercard,” the name LUMA embodies both a sense of upliftment and ease of pronunciation in multiple languages. Evoking notions of light, radiance, and illumination, LUMA aptly represents a venue dedicated to showcasing Hong Kong’s exceptional culinary talents while embracing the vibrant energy that guest chefs contribute. The restaurant will kick off its guest chef series in August 2023 with the esteemed Michelin-starred Bjoern Alexander.

Louie Chung, Founder and CEO of LUBUDS Group, expresses his enthusiasm, saying, “Since partnering with Mastercard, it has been an honor to welcome Mastercard cardholders to our numerous LUBUDS venues across Hong Kong, offering them special dining privileges, surprises, and priceless culinary experiences. Both Mastercard and LUBUDS are passionate about supporting Hong Kong’s economic and cultural revival, making a distinct contribution to its dynamic food scene. With the launch of LUMA, we’re taking our collaboration to the next level, providing culinary connoisseurs from around the world with more of what they crave – the finest food and novel experiences in a stunning venue.”

The LUMA complex features various spaces, including an elegant and intimate dining room accommodating up to 60 people, a sophisticated cocktail bar, a dedicated art space, and a breezy balcony that overlooks Hong Kong’s breathtaking skyline.

Helena Chen, Managing Director of Mastercard Hong Kong & Macau, highlights the alignment of values between Mastercard and LUBUDS, stating, “Mastercard has found a collaborator in LUBUDS who shares our passion for designing and delivering priceless experiences to customers. At a time when the majority (69%) of consumers across the Asia Pacific region prioritize experiences over material possessions and restaurant spending in Hong Kong has rapidly rebounded to 88% of Q1 2019 levels, the launch of LUMA couldn’t have come at a better time.”

The introduction of LUMA marks the second phase of the alliance between Mastercard and LUBUDS, operators of nearly 50 restaurants, including the acclaimed establishments of ODDS, MIÁN, YUE, and The Steak Room. Earlier this year, the partnership was unveiled, aimed at offering Mastercard cardholders exclusive dining privileges and priceless experiences at LUBUDS outlets throughout Hong Kong. Detailed information on these Priceless Experiences, Priceless Specials, and Mastercard Travel Rewards can be found in the Appendix.

Furthermore, LUMA represents the latest extension of Mastercard’s global strategy to establish profound and memorable connections with consumers through multisensory brand experiences. By engaging all five senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste – Mastercard deepens its connection with consumers, spanning a range of passions, including entertainment, music, travel, art, philanthropy, and the environment.

In the realm of culinary experiences, the launch of LUMA follows the successful opening of Mastercard restaurants in Rome, Italy, Mexico City, Mexico, and São Paulo, Brazil. In just one year since its inception, Notiê Priceless in São Paulo was named the Best Brazilian Restaurant by VEJA São Paulo Comer & Beber, Brazil’s most prestigious restaurant award. Chef Onildo Rocha, who leads the restaurant, was also honored as the Chef of the Year.

For CFOs seeking an unparalleled dining experience amidst the vibrant tapestry of Hong Kong’s culinary landscape, LUMA at 1881 Heritage presents an extraordinary opportunity. Combining culinary mastery, luxury ambiance, and the prestige of the Mastercard brand, LUMA is poised to become the ultimate destination for discerning palates, elevating the CFO lifestyle in the heart of Hong Kong’s thriving business hub.

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