How Will ACX’s Latest Partnership Transform the Voluntary Carbon Market for a Greener Future?

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12 July 2023

Discover how the strategic partnership between ACX, EcoRegistry, and Cercarbono is set to reshape the Voluntary Carbon Market, making carbon offsetting accessible and seamless for all.

ACX (formerly AirCarbon Exchange) has formed a strategic partnership with EcoRegistry and Cercarbono to revolutionize the Voluntary Carbon Market, enabling accessible and seamless carbon offsetting for individuals and businesses. By combining ACX’s expertise in exchange operations, EcoRegistry’s advanced registry platform, and Cercarbono’s role as a pioneering carbon credit standard setter, this dynamic collaboration aims to bring innovation and technology to the forefront of the carbon offset landscape.

The partnership allows ACX clients from 31 different countries to purchase and retire Cercarbono’s carbon credits held under EcoRegistry, leveraging interconnectivity to facilitate trades. This breakthrough provides individuals and companies worldwide with the power to contribute to global-scale carbon offsetting, empowering them to make a significant impact on the environment.

Another significant aspect of this alliance is the potential to explore the use of carbon credits for regional carbon taxes. Cercarbono’s expertise in this area, gained from their involvement with Colombia’s approach to carbon credits as a form of payment for environmental taxes, opens doors for similar initiatives in other countries. Singapore, for instance, announced a similar move last year, indicating a growing trend toward utilizing carbon credits for tax purposes. Alex Saer, CEO of Cercarbono, highlights the advantages of tax collaboration, as it encourages environmentally conscious practices through taxation systems and unlocks new avenues for utilizing carbon credits.

Furthermore, the partnership between ACX, EcoRegistry, and Cercarbono offers mutual benefits by expanding their respective client bases. The collaboration allows project developers seeking to establish carbon credits on EcoRegistry based on Cercarbono’s standards to have a clear route to market via ACX’s platform. This three-way collaboration has the potential to significantly increase the membership of ACX’s exchanges globally.

In a broader context, this partnership showcases ACX’s commitment to bridging the compliance and voluntary carbon markets. By empowering companies to establish confidence and trust in the value of the carbon projects they invest in, the alliance increases the traded volume of credits generated by these projects. This financially incentivized landscape encourages developers to continue investing in environmentally crucial schemes. As a result, more companies are motivated to leverage carbon credits, effectively offsetting their environmental taxes and contributing to a more sustainable and responsible business ecosystem.

Together, ACX, EcoRegistry, and Cercarbono are reshaping the voluntary carbon markets, championing sustainability, and paving the way for a greener future. Their dynamic partnership and innovative approach to carbon offsetting provide a blueprint for other industry players to follow, creating a more accessible and impactful path toward carbon neutrality.

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