BlackLine Introduces 5-Day Fast Track Implementation for Midsize Companies to Streamline Accounting Processes

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8 August 2023

Streamline accounting tasks, enhance efficiency, and accelerate growth with BlackLine’s industry-leading platform.

In a groundbreaking move, BlackLine, Inc., a pioneering force in accounting automation software, has unveiled its game-changing offering: the BlackLine 5-Day Fast Track implementation for midsize companies. With this innovative solution, new customers can now embark on a swift journey to harness the power of BlackLine’s cutting-edge financial close management platform within just five days, ensuring seamless transition before their next month-end close.

For midsize organizations, integrating new accounting software can be a daunting task that demands valuable time and resources. The finance and accounting (F&A) teams within these organizations are often pressed for time and require a rapid onboarding process that enables them to concentrate on higher-value tasks. Drawing from its extensive experience of transforming financial closings for over four thousand clients, BlackLine has designed the 5-Day Fast Track to guide midsize F&A teams through an expedited setup, allowing them to realize maximum benefits in the shortest possible time frame.

One of the notable success stories is Matrix Medical Network, a prominent healthcare and services provider. Embracing BlackLine’s agile approach, they were able to transition to the financial close management platform in under five days – an entire week before their month-end close. Paul McDowell, Chief Accounting Officer and Treasurer at Matrix Medical Network, remarked, “We didn’t think a five-day implementation was possible… We are already seeing value from BlackLine!”

Similarly, Pavilion Payments, a leading omnichannel payment solutions provider in the gaming industry, endorsed the swift implementation. Mark Donadio, Chief Accounting Officer, expressed his enthusiasm: “Why wouldn’t you do it? Tell me another system you can implement in five days… We are ready to go close our books in BlackLine this month!”

The 5-Day Fast Track encompasses a comprehensive array of features to ensure quick time-to-value, including the implementation of BlackLine’s Modern Accounting Playbook (MAP) for Financial Close, comprising solutions such as Task Management, Account Reconciliations, and Transaction Matching. The offering also involves configuring connectors for ERP platforms commonly used by midsize companies, integrating data from multiple sources like general ledgers and bank accounts, user acceptance testing, end-user training, and onboarding of finance and accounting teams. Additionally, customers benefit from dedicated support during their first two close cycles.

According to Robert Kugel, Senior Vice President and Research Director at Ventana Research, “Midsize organizations looking for a quick solution to their accounting challenges… should consider BlackLine’s 5-Day Fast Track… The new rapid implementation saves valuable time and resources getting started while enabling businesses to gain agility, make better-informed decisions sooner, and reduce risk with less effort.”

With a track record of assisting numerous companies in overcoming complex business challenges and fostering growth, BlackLine has already empowered more than 2,200 midsize organizations to modernize and streamline their accounting processes. Co-CEO of BlackLine, Therese Tucker, affirmed, “We know finance and accounting teams in midsize businesses have constraints when it comes to setting up new software and systems. We’re here to help… so teams can quickly realize the transformative power of the industry’s most trusted financial close solution.”

As BlackLine continues to shatter industry barriers, their 5-Day Fast Track implementation stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation and efficiency in the world of accounting automation software.

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