National Innovation Agency Aims to Propel Thailand’s Innovation Index to 30th Place by 2030

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8 August 2023

Through strategic alliances, NIA’s multifaceted approach embraces open innovation, ecosystem creation, and enhanced entrepreneurial competence.

The National Innovation Agency (NIA), a prominent player in driving Thailand’s innovation landscape, is taking decisive steps to propel the country’s Innovation Index to the 30th position by 2030. Operating as a “Focal Conductor,” the NIA is leveraging its strategic alliances with both domestic and international partners to foster and nurture innovation-based entrepreneurs across diverse dimensions. This dynamic initiative is poised to usher in sustainable economic and social advancements for the nation, with a comprehensive framework encompassing seven key strategies.

Strategic Approach

The agency’s strategies encompass the following crucial pillars:

  1. Enhancing Entrepreneurial Competence: The NIA is set to cultivate innovation-driven entrepreneurial competencies within targeted industries, spanning the entire supply chain. This initiative aims to bolster the growth of innovation projects across five industry clusters, namely Food Tech & Ag Tech, Travel Tech, Med Tech, Climate Tech, and Soft Power.
  2. Promoting Open Innovation: By accentuating open innovation, the NIA intends to make the Thai innovation system more inclusive and accessible. Facilitating easier access to funding sources and promoting linkages with other innovative networks will empower startups and SMEs to thrive.
  3. Facilitating Infrastructure Access: Collaborating closely with universities and science parks, the NIA seeks to foster an environment conducive to innovation. This effort includes establishing innovation committees in various regions and enhancing the utilization of innovation infrastructure.
  4. Ecosystem Creation: The NIA is determined to spearhead the creation of an innovation ecosystem that resonates across various sectors. Partnering with domestic and international entities, the agency intends to amplify the economic and social impacts of innovation.
  5. Domestic and International Innovation Marketing: A “Business Brotherhood” initiative will enable larger corporations to support the expansion of innovation-based entrepreneurs. Collaborations with prominent entities like CP All, Makro, Siam Piwat, and Central Group will drive the marketing of innovative products and services.
  6. Raising Awareness and Recognition: The agency will roll out the Innovation Thailand project to enhance awareness and appreciation for innovation. It will encompass innovation award contests, SITE events, and Ubon Art Fest events.
  7. Organizational Development for Sustainability: The NIA is committed to reshaping its internal processes for optimal efficiency. Emphasizing teamwork and creativity, the agency will integrate sufficiency economy and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into its operations.

NIA’s TransformationDr. Krithpaka Boonfueng, Executive Director of NIA, emphasized that the agency is assuming a new role as a “Focal Conductor,” aligning with the seven strategic directions. These strategies not only position the NIA as a facilitator of innovation but also emphasize its role in shaping policies, nurturing entrepreneurial ecosystems, and encouraging innovation-driven growth.

“Innovation Thailand” project aims to draw over 50,000 participants, both online and onsite, in its drive to cultivate innovation awareness and recognition.

With a comprehensive agenda spanning the years 2023-2027, the NIA’s transformation is set to pave the way for Thailand’s ascent to innovation prominence on the global stage. Through collaborative partnerships, a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, and a robust focus on value creation, the NIA is poised to catalyze Thailand’s journey towards becoming a distinguished innovation nation by 2030.

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