Robocash Group Rebrands as UnaFinancial, Expands its Financial Ecosystem

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In a strategic move signaling the next phase of its evolution, Robocash Group has officially rebranded itself as UnaFinancial. The company, known for its success in the alternative lending sector since 2015, is now pivoting towards a broader financial ecosystem aimed at addressing the diverse spending, borrowing, and investment needs of its clientele, both in existing and untapped markets.

Over the past eight years, Robocash Group established itself as a major player in the Asian financial landscape, disbursing over USD 1 billion in financing to consumers in various Asian markets. In 2022 alone, the Group demonstrated remarkable growth, issuing USD 420 million in loans, representing a substantial 61% year-on-year increase.

Historically, Robocash Group has been committed to providing accessible financial services to underbanked populations in emerging markets. However, with the changing preferences of its customers, alongside the Group’s own development and the rapid digitization of society, the company recognized the need for transformation.

Natalia Ishchenko, the Chief Executive Officer of UnaFinancial, expressed the company’s strategic vision, stating, “In order to cater to customers’ evolving needs and reach a broader audience, UnaFinancial is set to diversify its product line. It will introduce new credit solutions, such as buy now, pay later (BNPL), credit lines, credit cards, transaction opportunities, and digital investment services. Moreover, the Group is now expanding its operations into new markets in Central Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.”

Ishchenko went on to emphasize the brand’s mission, saying, “UnaFinancial brand reflects our mission to give a helping hand in every financial situation quickly, conveniently, and honestly. The launch of new products will be an integral part of our transformation that will form the core of our product line, creating additional value for customers and all stakeholders. We believe that UnaFinancial will build upon what Robocash Group has accomplished over the years, providing diversified services to address the needs of modern borrowers and investors.”

This strategic shift towards a more comprehensive financial ecosystem was initiated in 2021 when Robocash Group, now UnaFinancial, introduced UnaCash, a BNPL service in the Philippines. This innovative offering is centered on people-centric installment solutions, facilitating online merchandise purchases from partner retailers. It marked the first step toward the creation of the extensive financial ecosystem that UnaFinancial envisions. Subsequently, in July 2023, the company launched traditional point-of-sale (POS) loans in the Philippines, further expanding its service portfolio.

For more updates and information about UnaFinancial, please visit their official website at UnaFinancial. UnaFinancial is all set to embark on its mission to reshape the financial landscape by offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the evolving needs of modern consumers and investors.

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