September 28, 2021

CFO Perspective

CFO Perspective: Automating Manufacturing Business Processes

by Vanessa Quake, DigitalCFO | 30 Mar 2021 Manufacturing automation is expanding from shop floor automation to business process automation. Digitalizing and automating business processes and business workflows across the entire organization, IA promises to increase the efficiency of equipment and manpower, enhance cybersecurity, improve customer experience, and most important allowing knowledge workers to focus

CFO Perspective: The Future Corporate Banking Experience is Open

Digitalization. Innovation. Collaboration. That pretty much sums up the expectations of corporate banking customers. According to IDC, 65% of GDP is set to be digitalized by 2022, while 75% of organisations will have comprehensive digital transformation roadmaps by 2023 – up from only 27% today. More importantly, they also predicted that 75% of business leaders

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