Consus & EDC Philippines partner to deploy Happay T&E solution

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Qinthara Fasya | 2 June 2021

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Singapore, June 2, 2021 – Consus Global, a leading procurement and supply chain services provider, announced today that they successfully implemented Happay’s Travel & Expense management solution to Energy Development Corporation (EDC). The Philippines’ largest renewable energy producer, EDC, has partnered with Consus in the successful deployment, implementation, and transformation of the company’s end to end spend management automation, which focuses on faster reimbursement cycles, reduction in processing costs, going paperless, and ensuring transparent spend management while increasing the employees’ productivity.  

“Consus – Happay is one of our digitalization initiatives that is now helping our employees better manage their company expenses without taking up too much of their time, which is critical to our current work-from-home setup in EDC,” said Erwin O. Avante, EDC’s Chief Finance Officer.  

” We have witnessed one of the best-in-class Travel and Expense Management implementations in the South  East Asian region in EDC Philippines, which is known in the region for its process-oriented approach and digitization adaption across various functional levels to accelerate its business. Our technology partner Happay has a future-ready and sleek spend management platform and we are excited to have our first trendsetting  Happay customer in the Philippines. EDC had been searching for a trusted technology partner that can fulfill key business requirements of having a consistent user experience across all employee devices such as laptops,  desktops and smartphones. The pandemic has shown us how critical it is to have this mobility for employees in times of work from home and limited access to physical office spaces. Our customers across all regions are aspiring to reduce spend processing costs and striving to go paperless. Happay and Consus can help them achieve this quickly and effectively” said Madhuri Govilkar, Director & Managing Partner, Southeast Asia,  Consus Global. 

Ramesh Iyer, President and Chief Revenue Officer, Happay, said, “In today’s socially distanced world, building a remote digital workplace is a boardroom level discussion. Since employee health, productivity and employee  experience is a serious concern for companies, the need to have a Contactless and Paperless Spend  management solution is even more imperative.”  

About EDC Philippines 

The Energy Development Corporation (EDC) is a pioneer in generating 100% clean, renewable, and reliable energy as an electricity supplier in the Philippines for over 40 years. The company is one of the biggest producers of geothermal energy in the world with power plants situated across the country, allowing it to offer distribution utilities and contestable customers affordable energy rates and a stable and low carbon source of electricity.  The latter is done as a licensed Retail Electricity Supplier and soon, through the government’s Green Energy  Option Program that enables 100kW electricity consumers to directly get power from renewable energy providers like EDC. The company’s almost 1,500MW installed capacity accounts for 20% of the country’s total installed RE capacity. With geothermal as the company’s primary source of power, EDC’s 1,200 MW provides  62% of the country’s total installed geothermal capacity. EDC’s clean energy portfolio also comprises 150 MW  of wind, 132.8 MW of hydroelectric, and 11.97 MW of solar energy. Its total power generation of over 9,111.  GWh in 2020 is equivalent to over 42% of the country’s 21,609GWh* total generated renewable energy. 

About Consus 

Consus Global is a recognized and trusted global supply chain solutions provider. Consus collaborates with customers to advise on supply chain transformations, “source to pay” system selection and implementation,  strategic sourcing services, travel & expense management and analytics services. Having worked across industry verticals globally, Consus is appropriately positioned to collaborate with customers using their deep domain knowledge, access to a global supplier base, expertise around maximizing technology adoption, to deliver measurable ROI in the supply chain domain. 

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About Happay 

Happay is a pioneer of Business Spend Management Automation and India’s leading B2B FinTech company.  Our cloud-based mobile-first platform, leverages AI & ML, to help businesses manage 100% spends on a single platform. The company serves 6000+ customers across Asia in 40+ industry verticals, processes 1Bn USD  spends, 24 Mn expenses and 2.5 Mn reports annually. What gives Happay an edge above the rest is its highly flexible and full-stack payment and expense management platform, elegant and intuitive user interface and deep integrations with Payment, Banking and Enterprise systems. Known for its innovation and process excellence,  Happay has received various awards such as London Mayor’s India Emerging 20 (IE20), CIO Choice award  (2020 & 2019). IAMAI’s ‘Best Prepaid Card’ twice, Silicon India’s Company of the Year, Paul Writer’s ‘Hot  Bangalore Brands’ with innovative technology, Nasscom Top 10 and many more. Happay’s state-of-the-art platform is certified for global roll-out on Visa & MasterCard networks. The company is backed by globally renowned VC firms such as Sequoia Capital, Axiom Capital, AME Cloud Ventures and Prime Venture Partners among others.  

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