The State of Fintech In Indonesia

2 February 2023 The fintech sector in Indonesia has grown significantly during the last two years. The Covid Pandemic has sparked a surge in business growth across all fintech categories, including payments, lending, and investments. By 2025, based on current trends, digital payments are expected to reach US$351 billion, digital loan books to reach US$35 billion, and fintech investment AUM to reach US$28 billion. This has sparked greater investor interest than ever in the industry, and three of Indonesia’s four unicorns, Xendit, Akulaku, and Ajaib, are in the fintech sector. The opportunity in fintech is still tremendous although adoption rates…


Addressing The Critical Skill Gaps In Indonesia

Lack of skills and inadequate infrastructure have been named as the primary causes of Indonesia's lower labor productivity compared to other ASEAN nations. It was highlighted that Indonesia is known for having an excess of semi-skilled employees, and that the country's education and training systems were failing to give students and job searchers the necessary skills to carry out the tasks that were available.…