Alibaba Cloud Database Products Revenue Increases 50% YoY with 150,000 Customers Worldwide

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DigitalCFO Newsroom | 17 January 2022

It’s also named a Leader in 2021 Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM for cloud database management systems (DBMS) for the second consecutive year

Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, has seen its revenue for database products grow more than 50% year-over-year (YoY), driven by increased enterprise sales as global businesses rely on cloud computing, in particular database, to boost their recovery efforts amidst the pandemic. 

Separately, Alibaba Cloud has been named a Leader in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems[1], following being named a Leader in 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems report.

“Since entering the leader’s quadrant in 2020, Alibaba Cloud has been continuously innovating our database products to address customers growing needs associated with data analytics and security,” said Dr Li Feifei, President of Database Business, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. “In addition, we are committed to open-sourcing more database products such as cloud native database PolarDB and its distributed version PolarDB-X, to give global developers the access of our leading technologies in order to build up an inclusive database ecosystem for everyone.” 

Driving 150,000 Customers’ Global Success

Alibaba Cloud database product family currently serves 150,000 customers worldwide covering key verticals including aviation, insurance, logistics, retail, fintech, manufacturing, gaming, education and more.

Tiger Brokers has continually provided its customers with rapid and stable access to streaming data and the capability to execute trades on multiple global markets seamlessly. Given the nature of its business, the company deployed a series of Alibaba Cloud products to support its system. At the database layer, the suite of products from ApsaraDB (Alibaba Cloud database family) has provided the platform with much-needed stability, reliability, scalability and high availability. It allows the IT team to build a highly secure, high-performance database quickly that is compatible with many applications to help the company bring the best user experience to their customers. 

AIA Life Insurance deployed Alibaba Cloud’s database products to support its growing customer base in China and to provide customers with stable and reliable services in the process of migrating its key services to cloud. Its insurance contract system with the support of PolarDB, is able to support hundreds of thousands read request per second to ensure smooth communication and coordination between agents and customers, which increases its operational efficiency greatly.

Rounddesk, an enterprise-grade video conferencing platform headquartered in Singapore, has experienced drastic increase in its video conferencing demands due to the pandemic and has leveraged Alibaba Cloud’s suites of products, including database, to resolve challenges such as bandwidth limitations. Supported by ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL and MongoDB solutions, Rounddesk’s compute and scalability challenges were addressed timely and efficiently. 

New Launches to Boost Security and Analytics Capabilities 

Customers are increasingly adopting a hybrid work approach to reduce cost and increase performance efficiency, and to help them meet the security requirement, Alibaba Cloud invented a fully encrypted database system that allows users to encrypt their data before uploading them in Cloud for processing, giving businesses the extra layer of compliance and privacy assurance while enjoying the benefits of cloud-native database systems. In addition, Alibaba Cloud has also upgraded its Database Management Services (DMS) to provide a one-stop solution that enhances data integration, cleaning and development for enterprises. 

To assist enterprises in dealing with hybrid processing requirements, Alibaba Cloud also upgraded its cloud-native data warehouse AnalyticDB to handle both online interactive analytics and offline batch processing simultaneously in one system, providing businesses with the AI-powered supremacy in dealing with complex workload with reduced cost, and increased stability and efficiency. 

In addition, Alibaba Cloud has also upgraded its Ganos, a cloud-native spatio-temporal database engine that could analyze and translate 3D and 4D spatial data to build digital twins mirroring the physical world. The engine is upgraded to address the growing analytic requirement of multidimensional data, especially in the field of construction, transportation, urban planning, natural landscape surveying and mapping.

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